Why Construction Management


Chairperson SumnerOn behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Construction Management, College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management, I want to welcome you to Wentworth Institute of Technology. We are looking forward to meeting you and are committed to providing you a quality undergraduate education. This education will prepare you with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to successfully begin a professional career in Construction Management. Equally as important it will also prepare you to grow both professionally and personally throughout your career.

The next few decades will present many challenges and opportunities for you. Many of you will apply your education, skills, and experience to manage construction and public work projects while contributing to a sustainable environment. According to a recent report of the Associated General Contractors, an estimated investment of $3.3 trillion in new construction is needed to replace obsolete structures over the next five years. You will likely be part of multidisciplinary teams which will address the increasingly complex nature (technical, environmental, economic, political, and social) of these projects. Critically important to these efforts will be your ability to communicate ideas to different groups, including your peers, the government, private sector, and the public. Your Wentworth education will prepare you for these challenges and opportunities.

You have begun a truly exciting, rewarding journey and we are pleased to be part of it. Your future, like a well-built structure, requires a solid foundation. Work hard to get the most out of your time at Wentworth-this is one of the best investments you will ever make! Grow professionally by taking full advantage of your talented and knowledgeable faculty and staff. They will help you build that solid foundation for a successful career. Finally, don’t forget to balance your life as much as you can-find time to relax, have some fun, and make friends. The friendships you make and build at Wentworth will last a lifetime.

Again welcome to Wentworth Institute of Technology and the Department of Construction Management.

E.Scott Sumner, CCM
Department Chair of Construction Management