Fluids & Mechanical Laboratory

fluids bridge

Equipment in this laboratory is used to demonstrate the basic principles of hydraulics and fluid flow in both open channels and closed conduits. Students learn the concepts of velocity of flow, energy losses in bends and restrictions. A large bench is a reservoir with a pump to circulate water. Individual experiments can be hooked up to these, allowing students to have separate workstations. The Mechanical Buildings Systems course uses this lab to test the fundamental principles of HVAC and flow measurement.  The Electrical Building Systems course completes labs in basic building wiring for line voltage and low voltage applications. The Statics and Strength of Materials uses the PASCO Testing System to reinforce classroom discussions.


  • Mechanical Building Systems (CONM 235)
  • Electrical Building Systems (CONM 140)
  • Statics & Strength of Materials (CONM 242)

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