BL Makepeace Survey Locker

survey Ragucci survey

This room is an example of Wentworth’s partnering with the industry to give students an opportunity to work with the most current technology.

B.L. Makepeace, along with their corporate partners, Topcon and Carlson Software, donated over $100,000 in survey equipment. The donation included all new Total Stations, a complete Hiper-Lite GPS system, and complete field to finish data collection systems.

Some of the applications students will learn here are:

  • Determining Elevations (Auto Levels)
  • Boundary Survey (Theodolite)
  • Construction Layout (Total Station)
  • And Utility location (GPS)
  • Carlson Data Collectors

Once we complete these labs we come here and download the data and make adjustments accordingly.


Construction Surveying (CONM 201)

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