Co-op and Mentoring

Co-op Education

Wentworth's educational strategy integrates work experience with classroom and lab experience. All students complete two semesters of construction management experience working in industry.

At Wentworth, 100 percent of co-op experiences are directly related to our students’ fields of study. When you return to campus, you can tie your coursework to knowledge developed in the workplace. Moreover, you earn income and do not pay tuition during your co-op terms, allowing you to save toward future semesters. Like many students, you can choose to live on campus during co-op, maintaining close connections to friends and to Wentworth’s activities. 

Construction Management Mentoring Program

Construction Management Mentoring Program was established in the fall of 2005. Today, it is successful and thriving, thanks to the active participation of industry participants from construction firms throughout the Northeast, the enthusiasm of the student participants, and the incorporation of helpful suggestions that have been made over the years. The program focuses on sophomores majoring in Construction Management.

The Program pairs WIT Construction Management (CM) sophomores with mentors who are active in the local construction industry, on a one to one basis. The program begins in the Spring Semester with a breakfast meeting. The mentors and students meet and schedule their next meetings.   This year there were 50 students paired with 50 mentors.