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The Construction Management Department at Wentworth is a cohesive group of experienced faculty and staff working together to provide students with a nationally recognized Construction Management education. The curriculum in Construction Management at Wentworth leads to a Bachelor of Science degree that is accredited by the American Council of Construction Education.

The Construction Management Program focuses on three fundamental principles.

1. Creative Problem Solving/Spirit of Innovation

A successful career in construction requires an ability to solve problems. Our approach for providing these skills is to utilize the collaborative opportunities available in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction. Innovative problem solving requires a broad base of experiences. Our students are exposed to other disciplines throughout their educational career at Wentworth. They interact with Designers and Engineers. They work together on projects. These projects are not only academic in nature but are projects that industry has requested assistance. This exposure will provide a foundation for creative problem solving which will serve the student throughout their professional career.

2. Collaboration

The construction industry is based upon teams with different backgrounds working together to deliver a construction project that is-on time, on budget, and functional.

The learning environment at Wentworth provides the opportunity for the Construction Management student to gain first-hand experience working with designers and engineers using collaborative projects during the academic year as well as working on major construction projects during CO-OP.

These experiences lay the foundation for a sustainable professional career.

3. Rich Learning Experience

The Wentworth Campus offers an exceptional learning experience being located in the heart of Boston.  Offering an exposure to the arts, music and the social interaction with other higher educational institutions, the Construction Management program specifically offers students the following:

  • A Mentoring Program where the student is paired with a Construction Professional.
  • Experienced Faculty who teach all classes.
  • Field trips to Construction Projects.
  • A Culture of “Learn by Doing”.
  • Actual Construction Management work experience by way of the CO-OP.
  • Representatives from major Construction firms as guest lecturers.

These learning experiences offer the student a rich environment for learning and an advantage in pursuing a successful career in Construction Management.

Construction Management is the business of managing construction projects. This rapidly growing profession requires technical expertise, a clear understanding of the construction process, and a unique array of problem solving, organizational, and communication skills. Our graduates are ready for the challenges of the construction industry, and are actively recruited by construction firms and related industry employers.

The Wentworth Construction Management program offers a balance between academics and a learn by doing approach. The CM student will be exposed to Business Administration, Mathematics, Chemistry and Design to ensure a well-rounded graduate ready to excel in the World of Construction.

We also offer a well established and successful mentoring program, student organizations and collaboration with design professionals to bring a complete picture of the construction environment.

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