The Department of Construction Management at Wentworth Institute of Technology is an American Council for Construction Education accredited school since 2000. Construction Management has been an integral academic element of Wentworth since its founding in 1911.

The Department  of Construction Management is a cohesive group of experienced faculty and staff working together to provide students a nationally recognized and accredited construction management education.

Quality Improvement Plan


The Quality Improvement Plan will be the basis for continuous improvement of the Construction Management four year Bachelors degree program. The Quality Improvement Plan has three major components:

  1. A strategic plan for the Construction Management department
  2. An assessment plan
  3. An assessment implementation plan

Strategic plan 

This strategic plan provides the basis assessment. This plan will be updated every three years through the collective efforts of the Construction Management Faculty and Department Chair. 

Assessment Plan

The assessment plan consists of the following five areas:

  1. Mission statement
  2. Program objectives
  3. Learning outcomes
  4. Performance criteria
  5. Evaluation methodology

Department vision mission statement

The mission of the Construction Management program is to provide the student with the education and work experience to enter the construction profession as a productive team member with the potential to become an innovative technical problem-solver and industry leader. The philosophy of the program is to offer a curriculum which emphasizes instruction that challenges, shapes and encourages students to think about and apply their expanding technical knowledge and organizational skills to the solution of contemporary problems. This philosophy is supported by the educational mission of the Institute that emphasizes physics and mathematics, both theoretical and applied, the humanities and social sciences, communication skills and computer science. Students are prepared through their educational experience to adapt to changes in society, technology and the profession.

Construction management program objectives

  • Deliver a Construction Management educational program that is nationally accredited, and continuously assessed and improved.
  • Regularly meet with and advise students on their status related to the curriculum to ensure they understand the requirements for degree completion.
  • Provide courses which developed the analytical tools and technical knowledge to evaluate information and solve problems as supervisors and managers in the construction industry. 
  • Provide courses which developed the skills to lead and serve as members of interdisciplinary teams, as well as communicate in written, spoken, and visual formats. 
  • Instill the professional ethical responsibilities of leaders and managers in the construction industry.