College of Engineering and Technology

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

As a student in Computer Science (BCOS) you'll gain valuable skills in software design, computer architecture, and  programming in high-level computer languages such as C, C++, and JAVA. Related courses including database management, graphics, networking, and operating systems are also integral courses in this program. Courses are also available in computer game development and bioinformatics (Perl). You are required to successfully complete two co-op work semesters beginning junior year.

Program Educational Objectives for Computer Science:

Within three to five years of graduation:
  1. Graduates are proficient in applying computer science theory and best practices to problems in the workplace.
  2. Graduates attain productive and challenging computer science and/or software engineering careers in private practice, industry, or government.
  3. Graduates are engaged in continuing professional development or professional societies in computer science or a related computing field.
  4. Graduates follow standards set forth by professional societies of which they are members.

Student Outcomes for Computer Science:

By the time of graduation, students will be able to:
  1. Evaluate, implement and maintain software products.
  2. Analyze and locate faults within software and formulate solutions using standard tools and utilities.
  3. Design and document software environments and their relationship to hardware platforms.
  4. Follow best practices in software development and maintenance.

For a detailed list of course requirements, download the current tracking sheet from the Resources page.

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