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CUDA programming

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Details of courses which will include CUDA C/C++

The Department of Computer Science at Wentworth Institute of Technology offers two majors, Computer Science and Computer Networking. We would like to offer a course in CUDA programming as COMP 685, a 4 credit special topics course used to introduce and develop new courses to the curriculum. After offering and refining the course, we will propose a new course with title “CUDA programming” to the Institute Curriculum Committee. This new course will be offered annually as an advanced elective to juniors and seniors as well as students from other engineering or applied math programs who might be interested. We are also planning to establish a graduate program in Computer Science and hope to be able to make this elective available to those students as well. The pre-requisite for this new course will be C or C++, languages that students in both computer science and computer networking take for two semesters in their freshman year. Engineering students from outside the computer science department take a C programming language in their freshman year which would also prepare them for a course in CUDA programming.

In addition to teaching CUDA in a specifically designed course, I would also like to include it in another course I teach annually, Introduction to Game Programming (COMP460). In the 5 years I have been at Wentworth, at least two students approached me to ask about adding CUDA to this course on game programming. If this proposal is accepted, I plan to incorporate at least one section (approximately one week) of CUDA programming to COMP 460. Approximately 20 students enroll in this course each year and I believe that they would be eager to be introduced to CUDA through the topic of game programming.

Preparing such a course will also enable other faculty to incorporate CUDA programming in their classes. More specifically, these courses include Computer Graphics (COMP613), which is offered annually, and Parallel Processing using MPI (COMP635). COMP635 is not a frequently offered course, however. 

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