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Tom Goulding


Professor Goulding received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Florida and spent many years working in both industry and academia before coming to Wentworth Institute of technology in 2009.  As the chair of the department, he has led efforts to make it the leading project-based undergraduate program in America.  Some of these projects have included earning ABET accreditation, securing funding to deploy a nation leading non-stop high availability networking laboratory for the BSCN (Computer Networking program), increasing opportunities for women in computer science by developing scholarships for incoming students, and recruiting top new faculty members to join the department.

Teaching and Research Interests:

In addition to his work as department chair, Professor Goulding’s interests include complex system design and development, areas which he learned about and contributed to while working in industry on defense and communication systems design. His academic interests have focused on projects and using technical knowledge to solve real world based problems. These projects have been focused in areas of game development and autonomous robotics navigation systems. More recently his research interests have turn to exploring issues of network security.

Personal Interests:

Outside of his work in computer science, Professor Goulding is interested in oriental systems of health, spiritualism, and martial arts. He is also an avid biker and weight lifter, as well as a former mountain climber. When he is not spending time with his wife Kathy, their five grown children, or their many grandchildren, Professor Goulding also enjoys building model railroad sets.

Current Courses:

In the Spring 2012 semester, Professor Goulding will be teaching two courses. One is on autonomous robotics navigation and the other is aimed at finding iOS mobile device security weaknesses and ways to overcome them.

The autonomous robotics navigation course provides students with hands on experience building a HW and SW systems platform. The robotics platform used by the students is a microprocessor based system which incorporates a wide range of sensors that can be used for autonomous control of the mobile robotic device. Students are expected to master electronic and software concepts, solve technical problems using artificial intelligence concepts and software, contribute to technical teamwork by doing hardware and software development, and demonstrate professional verbal and written communication skills while presenting and describing the results of the project.

The second course will ask students to research mobile application security (with focus on Apple’s iOS environment) issues such as data transportation, data storage, and more, to demonstrate real-world security issues with live 3rd-party applications that are available on the App Store, and discover common vulnerabilities in applications such as transporting data unencrypted, file storage, or other possible exploits. Student research will also include proper ways to prevent common security issues such as man-in-the middle attacks, secure data transport, and secure data storage.

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