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Mike Werner


Michael Werner.  I have been teaching computer science at Wentworth since 1983.  Previously I taught at Wilkes College and Penn. State/Schuylkill Haven as well as Brighton H.S.  I have also done several programming contracts for industry, particularly for the now-defunct Digital Equipment Corporation. My Ph.D. is from Northeastern University where my primary research area was program transformation, a field now called refactoring.  Currently my research interest is bioinformatics algorithms.  I also enjoy teaching graphics programming.

Personal Interests:

In my free time I enjoy hiking, biking and swimming, especially at our family’s camp in Maine.  I am also an amateur painter.


Current Courses:

Over the years I have taught many of the classes offered by the department. Recently I have taught primarily the freshman programming sequence, as well as Programming Languages and Bioinformatic Algorithms. Currently I am teaching Graphics Programming. The novelty this time around is that we are deploying graphics onto an Android platform. It’s very exciting to do this; some of the students are self-taught Android programmers. We learn from each other.


Quirky Facts:

In 1983 the state-of-the art computer for Wentworth labs was a VAX 70. Students accessed the computer from VT100 terminals located on the third floor of Beatty Hall.

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