College of Engineering and Technology

Women in Computer Science Scholarship

We are excited to learn of your interest in Wentworth Institute of Technology. Wentworth has one of the most difficult and premier programs in computer science and networking in America. In addition, our mission is to become the school of choice for young women in America who wish to major in Computer Science or Networking.

Consequently, once you have been accepted we would like to invite you to apply for one of our Women in Computer Science Scholarships. These $5000 scholarships are awarded annually to 5 young women of distinction who are entering Wentworth for the first time. Both freshmen and transfer students are eligible for these scholarships. Recipients are selected by a departmental scholarship committee based on a variety of factors which are indicative of an individual’s future success and contribution in the field.

These merit based scholarships are made in addition to any other financial aid or scholarships awarded during the admissions process. Notification of award winners is made by the end of June.

After you have received your acceptance letter email Anthony Alamia at and request a "Woman in Computer Science" application.


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