College of Engineering and Technology


Nicole Bennett
Computer Science, Class of 2007

Nicole Bennett Picture

"Thanks to the co-op program at Wentworth Institute of Technology, I was able to try out three different Computer Science positions.

That experience helped me secure a job before graduation. In 2010, it will be three years working with the eScription platform that was acquired by Nuance Communications. I am in a job tht challenges me and gives me the chance to grow. I never have a dull moment while designing their systems and installing their speech recognition software.

My Orientation Leader experience from WIT helps me work efficiently with a team. This past year I was a part of a team that implemented the largest contract that has ever come through our division. I certainly enjoy my job.

My family is also proud of me and that gives me confidence as well as that Wentworth was the right choice for me. As nice as it is in the world, I do miss the tight knit Wentworth community."

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