shaping local communities.

co+build is a program at Wentworth that engages students in a unique, hands-on experience that helps them become familiar with the local neighborhoods while helping address the needs of the community.

Students involved in co+build projects develop a relationship with the community and their environment.  Throughout their involvement in co+build, students are introduced to the local community and are able to connect with fellow students who share an interest in giving back to the community through service-based projects.

Benefits of participating:

  • Collaborate with students on interdisciplinary projects all over the City of Boston.
  • Earn credit towards the Center's certificate program.
  • Immersion into the standards and cultures of local neighborhoods.
  • Becoming a part of projects that contribute to the stabilization of local communities.

Past co+build days

Mission Hill Road Race, October 20, 2012

Wentworth Service

The Mission Hill Road Race takes place every year and includes participants from the local schools, universities, community groups, hospitals and residents from all around the city. The Puddingstone Pot is awarded to the Institution that has the most participants, which can include runners, walkers and volunteers. While Wentworth did not take home the coveted Pot this year, we had a great volunteer turn out.

Over 900 people participated in the 2012 Mission Hill Road Race with 525 registered runners, 226 walkers and 150 youth from Sociedad Latina, Tobin Community Center, and Hyde Square Task Force. The race is put on every year by Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services and this year, $29,800 was raised to benefit the Kevin Fitzgerald Park on the top of Mission Hill. The money raised from last year's race was used to complete the construction of the new stairs in the Park to make it more accessible.

Number of Students: 10
Number of Hours: 29

Tobin Elementary School, November 3, 2012

Volunteers worked through the morning to clean various closets that were possible fire hazards and to re-decorate the bulletin boards by making cut outs of their hands. After the service day two full boxes of books were donated to the Children’s hospital that would have otherwise been thrown out.

Number of Students: 26
Number of Hours: 91

Charles River Conservancy, November 10, 2012

Wentworth Service

The Charles River Conservancy is a nonprofit citizens' advocacy group dedicated to the renewal of the Charles River Parklands. Volunteers spent their time helping to plant over 3,000 tulip bulbs. The Charles River Conservancy plants up to 10,000 bulbs each year along the banks of the river.

Number of Students: 14
Total Hours Worked: 56

Alice Heyward Taylor, January 12, 2012

A group of volunteers went over to the Alice Taylor apartments to lend a much needed hand with some facilities maintenance. Volunteers were responsible for wiping down windows, sweeping &mopping all floors of the building while also making sure that all stairways were clear. Some tenants were so grateful for the help Wentworth provided that they even stepped out of their apartment and thanked their neighbors at Wentworth.

Number of Students: 14
Number of Hours: 56

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