About the Center

Our Mission

The Center facilitates and strengthens partnerships that yield transformative educational experiences for students while addressing community interests.

Students in New Orleans for Alternative Spring Break

Our Philosophy

The Center is the result of years of faculty, staff, student, and community efforts to create partnerships that address neighborhood concerns while enhancing the educational and professional environment at Wentworth. We focus on formalizing these grassroots initiatives and enhancing their impact on students and the community. For Wentworth, our community includes our most close neighbors in Mission Hill, but also greater Boston, our Alternative Breaks sites across the country, and our international non-profit partners.

At the core of the Center’s operation is the philosophy of focusing on assets and relationships as a means to producing reciprocal and transformative partnerships.  While the Center exists to promote volunteerism and civic engagement, our philosophy is not focused on altruism, rather, the focus of our activities and programs is to create rewarding academic and professional experiences that matter in the real world, and especially in our community.  To that end, the Center brings together students, faculty, and community members as a think tank where energetic ideas meet established principles and practice.  The result is a focused environment that produces transformative student experiences alongside extraordinary community outcomes. 

Our History

Founded in 2005, the Center enables students to participate in community service through a range of outlets from nonprofit work with community partners to rebuilding efforts in New Orleans during Alternative Spring Break trips. Faculty members participate as well by running community-based design studios, Service Learning, or their own direct participation in the community. In 2008, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching classified Wentworth and the Center for Community Engagement in Curricular Engagement as well as Outreach and Partnerships; In 2015 Wentworth was reclassified. Wentworth and the Center are the only technology school in New England to be recognized by the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll five times (2006, 2007 with distinction, 2008, 2010, and 2012).

By the Numbers

  • Community Work Study: Since 2013, 143 students worked with 22 community partners for 9,400 hours with a value of $253,500 to local Boston communities. A total of $83, 300 has been paid through the Federal Work-Study Program. 
  • Alternative Spring Break: Since 2005, 215 students performed over 9,800 hours of service and raised more than $100,000 with a value of $270,000 to ASB host communities. Prior trips include Everglades National Park, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Golden Pond, Kentucky.
  • co+build:  Since 2013, over 200 students have performed over 1,300 service hours with multiple Boston nonprofits valuing over $36,000 in services.
  • Certificate in Community Learning:  30 certificates have been conferred to date, 3 student portfolios are slated for review for 2015.

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