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Financial Information

Wen-Hsin Chen, Director, Student Financial Services
Student Service Center, Williston Hall, Room 101
Phone: 617-989-4020

Deposits and Fees

Tuition and Housing Deposits

Each entering undergraduate day program student must pay an advance tuition deposit of $150 following notification of acceptance. For fall semester admission, the tuition deposit and the housing deposit are nonrefundable after May 1. For spring semester admission, the tuition and housing deposits are non-refundable.

Each entering graduate students must pay an advance tuition deposit of $200 following notification of acceptance. If the admitted student plans to live in on-campus housing, an additional $500 advance housing deposit must be submitted. Tuition and housing deposits are non-refundable.

Each entering first-year student requesting to live on campus must pay a housing deposit of $500.00. Students who are already on-campus must pay a housing deposit of $500.00 for the fall/spring semesters. Housing deposit refund requests received in writing (or e-mail) and postmarked before the start of room selection will be granted. No verbal requests will be honored.

All housing deposit refund requests must be e-mailed to or in writing to:

Director of Housing and Residential Life
Wentworth Institute of Technology
550 Huntington Avenue
Boston MA 02115

After room selection for the fall semester, the housing deposit is non-refundable and forfeited to the Institute if a student decides not to live on campus, except in certain situations.

All students who are off-campus for the fall semester and intending to come back to housing for spring semester must submit a $500.00 housing deposit. Due dates will be published on LConnect (and at during the fall semester.

Returned Check

A $30 fee will be placed on the student’s account for any check returned to Wentworth by the bank. This fee may not be reversed. In certain circumstances, the Student Service Center will not accept a personal check from a student. (For example, if a student has two (2) returned checks, pays a past-due balance in order to request a transcript, or makes payment within two weeks of graduation).

Late Payments and Delinquent Accounts

Failure to pay a student’s account balance in full on or before the bill due date (which is approximately 1 month prior to the beginning of each semester) may result in cancellation of a student’s class schedule as well as a student’s housing assignment (if applicable). Wentworth reserves the right to charge a $100 late fee to any past due account balances. College of Professional and Continuing Education students who participate in the Deferred Payment Plan, may also be subject to a per payment late fee of $50 for each late installment. Students with a delinquent account balance will not be allowed to register or attend classes for future semesters. Wentworth reserves the right to hold diplomas, grades, and transcripts from all students who have not paid all bills due the Institute. It is a Wentworth policy that only those students who have met all the academic and financial requirements for graduation are to participate in the graduation ceremony. If Wentworth refers a delinquent account balance to a collection agency, a collection fee will be added to the student’s outstanding balance, as well as any legal fees incurred if the account is sent to an attorney.

Alternative Payment Options

Monthly Payment Plan

To better serve our day program graduate and undergraduate students, Wentworth has contracted an outside payment plan company, Tuition Management Systems, to help students meet their educational expenses. For more information, please contact the Student Service Center at 617-989-4020 or 1-800-222-9368.

Tuition Deferment

Two tuition deferment plans are available for eligible degree students and for non-credit courses with tuition in excess of $1,000 in the CPCE. Students in their first semester after paying a collection account balance are not eligible for these plans, and must pay in full at the time of course registration.

Employer Deferment Plan

CPCE students who are eligible to receive tuition reimbursement from their employers, and are charged at least $1000 for tuition, may apply for tuition deferment beginning with their second consecutive semester of study. Tuition and fees for the first semester must be paid at registration or under a tuition deferment contract (see next section). To apply for tuition deferment, students must submit, with each semester’s registration form, a completed employer deferment application form signed by their employer. This form is available on the Financial Services page at Tuition payment is required on or before the end of the fourth week of class. If payment is not made according to this schedule, a late payment fee of $100 may be assessed. Students who fail to meet these terms will not be eligible to participate in this plan for future semesters.

Tuition Deferment Contract

CPCE students with a tuition charge of at least $1000 may choose this plan, which splits tuition into three payments over the course of the term. The first payment is due prior to or at the time of registration, the second by the end of the fourth week, and the third by the end of the eighth week. If payment is not made according to schedule, then a late payment fee of $50 may be assessed for each late installment. Students who fail to meet these terms will not be eligible to participate in this plan for future semesters.

A tuition deferment contract must be signed to participate in this plan. This contract is available online at or in both the Student Service Center and the CPCE.

Withdrawal from Wentworth

Before withdrawing, it is suggested that a student seek counseling from his/her faculty advisor or the Counseling Center. Students should also consult with the appropriate Student Financial Services and Financial Aid counselors in the Student Service Center to discuss any financial consequences of voluntary withdrawal.

If it becomes necessary for a student to withdraw from Wentworth during the semester, the student must complete a voluntary withdrawal petition. Laptop computers must be returned to the DTS Helpdesk located on the third floor of Beatty Hall. If the laptop is not returned, students will be billed a recovery fee equal to the cost of the computer system as stipulated in the Laptop Program Student Agreement. All students are liable for tuition, room and board, and laptop fees in accordance with the adjustment policy below.

Tuition Adjustment

An adjustment of the tuition charge for withdrawing students will be initiated according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal Notice filed and approved by Tuition Charge Reversal

  • the end of drop/add 100% (less non-refundable $150 deposit)
  • the end of the 2nd week of the semester 75%
  • the end of the 3rd week of the semester 50%
  • the end of the 4th week of the semester 25%
  • the 5th week of the semester and later No reversal of tuition charges

Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. Students who register for classes, fail to appear for those classes, and who do not notify Wentworth of their intention to withdraw from classes, are liable for all tuition and fees assessed for that semester.

Students who withdraw from Wentworth and receive Federal Student Financial Aid are subject to a refund policy as prescribed by Federal Regulations. Students should contact the Student Service Center to obtain the appropriate Financial Aid refund schedule as well as to discuss any remaining financial obligations with a Student Financial Services or Financial Aid counselor.

Fees are not refundable. Students are liable for tuition and fees in accordance with the published refund policy.

Room and Board Adjustment

A student’s room and board charges are determined by the date he/she returns his/her room key(s) to his/her Resident Hall Director. If a student withdraws within the first four weeks of the semester, he/she is responsible for board charges based on actual meal points used. From week five through the end of the semester, the student will be responsible for the entirety of the board plan charged.

A student is eligible to receive a pro-rated room charge within the first four weeks of the current semester if they withdraw in writing and check-out with a Resident Hall Director. After the fourth week of classes, no adjustment will be made to a student’s room charge if he/she decides to withdraw from Wentworth or leave the residence halls.

No adjustments to tuition, room or board charges will be made to the account of any student who is withdrawn for discipline sanctions. For more information, please contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life at or 617-989-4160.

Housing Agreement Release

Students living on campus for the fall and spring semesters sign a two-semester Housing Agreement. Students who withdraw from housing without a valid reason will be charged a Housing Agreement Release Fee of $1,000 if they withdraw from the residence halls after the fourth week of the fall semester or through the fourth week of the spring semester. Students withdrawing from the residence halls after this point are responsible for the full spring room charge.

For more information please refer to the policy regarding housing agreement release or contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 617-989-4160.

Refund of Payments

After all necessary adjustments have been made to a student’s account, any credits resulting from payments made will be refunded in accordance with the manner in which they were received.

Federal Funds Refund

If a student withdraws from Wentworth during the semester, the total refunded amount is determined according to federal and institutional refund policy. The refund will be returned to the individual programs in the following order: 1) Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, 2) Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan, 3) Federal Perkins Loan, 4) Federal PLUS Loan, 5) Federal Pell Grant, 6) Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, 7) State funded Grants, 8) Private funded programs, and 9) Wentworth Institutional Aid. Specific questions regarding the refund policy can be addressed with the Financial Aid counselor in the Student Service Center.

Delivery of Services

Wentworth Institute of Technology assumes no liability, and hereby expressly negates the same, for failure to provide or delay in providing educational or related services or facilities or for any other failure or delay in performance arising out of or due to causes beyond the reasonable control of the Institute, which causes include, without limitation, power failure, fire, strike by Institute employees or others, damage by the elements, and acts of public authorities. The Institute will, however, exert reasonable efforts, when in its judgment it is appropriate to do so, to provide comparable or substantially equivalent services, facilities or performance, but its inability or failure to do so shall not subject it to liability.

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