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Regular attendance at every class is expected, and anyone who fails to meet this requirement may be requested to withdraw from Wentworth. The attendance policy applies to all students. Faculty are required to take attendance in all courses. Earnest work, good conduct, and willingness to cooperate at all times with the instructors and officers of Wentworth are expected of every student.

Attendance will be monitored as follows:

  • The attendance policy begins on the day the student is added to the roster and ends on the last day to withdraw from a course. Therefore, students who are registered for a class prior to the start of a semester are expected to attend class on the first day. Students who add a class after the semester starts will be evaluated for attendance beginning on the day they register for the course. As a courtesy, when a student misses 10 percent of his/her scheduled class sessions, he/she may be notified, via attendance warning or by e-mail, by the instructor (with copies sent to the instructor’s department office and the advisor), that continued absenteeism may result in being withdrawn from the course. Students receiving this notice will be required to consult with their instructors and advisors. If a student misses 15 percent of his or her scheduled classes, he/she may be given a grade of WA in the course by the instructor.
  • Faculty are not required to withdraw students for non-attendance. Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawing from a course.
  • The instructor will use his or her discretion for all extenuating circumstances regarding attendance. It is the responsibility of the student to notify an instructor of all absences (anticipated or not) and provide documentation regarding illness or absence.
  • Students who wish to contest a WA grade may follow the procedure as noted in Acadcemic Grievances. If the student is not satisfied with the resolution after that, he/she may appeal, in writing, to the Academic Appeals Committee via the Office of the Provost.

Waiting Period for a Delayed Instructor

Students must wait at least twenty minutes from the scheduled beginning class time for the instructor to arrive. After that, unless the instructor has previously notified the class to wait for a longer period, the class may leave.

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