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Mark Coen, Associate Registrar

Office of the Registrar
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Wentworth Institute of Technology
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Mission and Values

Wentworth takes pride in educating students in technical disciplines through a nationally recognized model of hands-on, real world problem-solving combined with classroom instruction and cooperative work experience. Within a student-focused learning
environment, Wentworth provides opportunities for intellectual and personal growth, both in and out of the classroom, resulting in the development of the whole student as a skilled professional and engaged citizen.

The virtues set forth in the Creed: Honesty, Energy, Economy, and System, continue to guide the Wentworth community today. Since its founding in 1904, significant changes and advancements have been made both within the Institute and in regional, national, and global communities. In keeping with the tradition of the Creed and supporting the message of the mission, the following core values both describe Wentworth’s purpose and inspire its action:

  1. As an institution of higher learning, Wentworth appreciates that education will always serve as this Institute’s primary value, emphasizing the need to make each interaction between faculty, staff, and students both intentional and purposeful.
  2. In the spirit of continuous development, the Institute regularly assesses programs and resources to ensure learning objectives are realized.
  3. To allow students to maintain their competitive edge in the industry, Wentworth provides cutting-edge technology to support its academic
  4. Through instruction, mentoring, and role-modeling, Wentworth students develop strong personal and professional ethics, necessary to live a life of integrity.
  5. Understanding the importance of diversity, Wentworth provides programs and resources that support, educate, and celebrate the uniqueness of its community members.
  6. Recognizing that each student brings to the Institute unique experiences and needs, Wentworth ensures that its students have the resources necessary to succeed in and out of the classroom.
  7. Wentworth takes advantage of its location in Boston by seeking out cultural and professional opportunities which further develop the whole student.
  8. In line with providing a hands-on learning environment, Wentworth seeks out opportunities to use its campus as a laboratory, resulting in a better understanding of and deeper sense of commitment to the Institute.
  9. Recognizing that lifelong learning is vital to maintaining skills necessary to be successful in industry, Wentworth offers its alumni opportunities to continue enhancing their education.
  10. Wentworth strives to provide professional development opportunities to its faculty and staff in order to strengthen their ability to educate and support their students.

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