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Academic Advising

A prime objective of the faculty, staff, and administration is to assist our students in taking full advantage of the learning environment and resources available at Wentworth so that they may succeed in achieving their educational and career goals.

To help the new day student, the Institute has developed Wentworth Opening Week (WOW). At this multi-day orientation, faculty, staff, and students give counsel regarding a student’s selected program of study, review strategies for taking full advantage of Wentworth’s learning environment and support services, and outline major academic policies and procedures affecting graduation requirements.

All students are assigned a faculty advisor from their discipline. Faculty advisors maintain posted hours during the week while classes are in session to counsel students on curricular matters, monitor academic progress of assigned students, review academic policies and procedures when necessary, review students’ course selections prior to registration, and answer questions regarding their career and educational objectives. Students are required to meet with their faculty advisors at least once each semester to discuss the registration of future courses, review academic progress, and other matters that students would like to discuss. First-year students will not be able to register for Spring 2010 or Fall 2010 courses without meeting their advisor. Students are required to fulfill the Student Responsibilities for Academic Advising as listed below. Students must:

  • Know the name of their academic advisors (and Program Coordinator, if applicable) as well as his/her office location, telephone extension, e-mail address, and office hours. The academic advisor’s name is accessible on the “Find Your Advisor” section of the Academic Advising website on LConnect.
  • Know the office location and telephone number of the department in which they are enrolled.
  • Keep their personal information (local address, telephone number, and e-mail address) updated with the Institute.
  • Become familiar with the Catalog, Student Handbook, and curriculum requirements for their designated majors. Know how prerequisites and co-requisites will affect course sequencing and scheduling. (These resources are available in print and online.)
  • Be aware of all significant dates (registration, Drop/Add, etc.) throughout the academic year.
  • Inform their advisors of any extenuating circumstances affecting their academic progress.
  • Contact the appropriate Professor and/or Advisor upon receipt of a grade below C at midterm or after final grades are posted. Contact his/her Advisor if put on probation.
  • Initiate contact (meeting, phone call, e-mail) with their advisors when facing academic difficulties; and know that their advisors are also a resource for referrals regarding personal issues.
  • Follow-up on the suggestions arising from meetings with their advisors, and inform their advisors of progress in carrying out any suggested courses of action.
  • Learn and use the features of the Leopard Connection (LConnect) to facilitate communication between the student, the advisor, and the Institute.

It is ultimately each student’s responsibility to fulfill his/her degree requirements.

Students are encouraged to discuss academic problems with their instructors and advisors as early as possible. There is no reason for any student not to receive assistance to resolve problems or not to academically succeed at Wentworth. Families of new students are also encouraged to recommend that students seek help as soon as possible from a student’s instructor or faculty advisor. The Center for Teaching and Learning (refer to page 24) is also available for assistance. Faculty advisors meet with their advisees prior to each registration to review current academic status and help to select courses the student should take to complete their academic programs. They are also available to assist students with academic difficulties, and to explain the various academic policies and procedures at the Institute.

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