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Mark Coen, Associate Registrar

Office of the Registrar
Williston Hall 103
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Boston, MA 02115

Institute Administration

Zorica Pantic, President

Jane Allen, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
Karen Britton, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
Michael Kupferman, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate Provost
Russell Pinizzotto, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Devon Sprague, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Academic Departments
Leonard Anderson, Associate Department Head, Civil, Construction, and Environment
Ann Borst, Associate Department Head, Architecture
Craig D. Capano, Department Head, Civil, Construction, and Environment
Sandeep Dilwali, Associate Department Head, Electronics and Mechanical
Frederick F. Driscoll, Interim Department Head, Electronics and Mechanical
John S. Ellis, Associate Department Head, Architecture
Thomas L Goulding, Department Head, Computer Science and Systems
Patrick Hafford, Department Head, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management
Michael E. Jackson, Assistant Department Head, Electronics and Mechanical
Suzanne Kennedy, Department Head, Design & Facilities
Stephen Nodvin, Department Head, Applied Mathematics and Sciences
Glenn E. Wiggins, Department Head, Architecture

Administrative Departments

Alumni Library
Dennis Berthiaume, Technical Services Librarian
Richard Campbell, Library Assistant for Technical Services
Priscilla A. Biondi, Reference Librarian
Naoko Yasuda, Reference Librarian and Archives Assistant
Linda P. Gallagher, Manager of Library Records
Daniel P. O’Connell, Circulation Librarian
Kurt M. Oliver, Manager of Access Services
Walter T. Punch, Director of Library
Pia Romano, Information Services Librarian
Marianne Thibodeau, Assistant Director

The Arioch Center @ Wentworth
Christine Bettendorf, Director of Advising
Joan E. Dolamore, Dean of Lifelong Learning

John P. Heinstadt, Vice President for Business and Finance
Nicholas Anderson, Junior Accountant
Angela Ayers, Associate Athletic Director for Women’s Athletics
Sean Bender, Director of the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships
Michael Bergeron, Assistant Director/Energy Manager for Physical Plant
David L. Conrad, Director of Athletics
Thomas Devitt, Intramural Coordinator/Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Robert F. Ferro, Associate Director, Physical Plant
William Gorman, Associate Athletic Director for Sports Information
Peter Gugliotta, Assistant Director, Planning & Construction
Gerald Inman, Director of Purchasing
Louise Litchfield, Director of Business Services
Rachel Liu, Senior Staff Accountant
Colleen Low-Lank, Staff Accountant
Peter Maddocks, Controller
Mark Mitchell, Assistant Controller
Kevin Moore, Director of Public Safety
Olga Panasenko, Staff Accountant
Eduardo Pagan, Assistant Director, Public Safety
Sandra E. Pascal, Associate Vice President, Community Affairs/External Relations
Charlene E. Roy, Assistant Director, Business Services
Joanne L. Santarelli, Accounting Manager
Robert J. Tolan, Athletic Coordinator/Ice Hockey Coach
Robert L. Totino, Associate Vice President of Finance
David A. Wahlstrom, Associate Vice President of Business

Nancy Bandoian, Executive Assistant
Stephanie Cheney, Director of Training and Development
Richard Fontaine, Vice President for Technology and CIO
Ronald Frattura, Instructional Designer
Monique Fuchs, Associate Vice President for Academic Technology
Kasaka Kizito, Media Technician
John Landry, Trainer for Learning Technologies
Cristina Maldonado, Instructional Designer
Karmon Runquist, Web Manager
Anthony Tanzi, Director of Laptop Services
Leslie Vaughan, Associate Vice President for Administrative Technology
Tyrese White, Laptop Software Support Technician

Lindsay Alpert, Assistant Registrar
Jeanmarie Ambrose, Director of International Student Services
Phil Bernard, Director of Housing and Residence Life
Keiko Broomhead, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Matthew Burke, Registrar
Wilfred Caissie, Transfer Credit Coordinator
Anne-Marie Caruso, Director of Financial Aid
Wen-Hsin Chen, Director, Student Financial Services
Mark Coen, Assistant Registrar, Graduation
Harold F. Conner, Counselor, Counseling Center
Sarah E. Crane, Associate Director of Admissions
Charlotte Croce, Student Services Representative
Rae Daniel, Student Services Representative
Greg Denon, Director of Career Services
Maureen Dischino, Director of Admissions
Amy Dufour, Associate Director, Admissions
Carissa Durfee, Associate Director, Student Leadership Programs
Catherine Ehrhardt, Assistant Director, Counseling Center
Elizabeth Enos, Associate Director of Financial Aid
William Farrick, Associate Director, Career Services
Beth-Anne Farrow, Coordinator of Wellness Education
Kathleen Fay, Senior Co-op Advisor
Vanessa Foote, Assistant Director of Admissions
Peter Fowler, Director of Student Leadership Programs/Assistant Dean
Eric Glaskin, Financial Aid Counselor
Jacklyn Haas, Admissions Counselor
Vanecia Harrison-Sanders, Career Planning Coordinator
Gregory Jackson, Student Financial Services Counselor
Samantha Johnson, International Student Services Representative
Jennifer Kosses, Associate Director of Housing & Residence Life
James Levesque, Director of Student Life
Kelly Lofgren, Admissions Counselor, ACPE
Silvia Lopez, Student Financial Services Counselor
Lauren Margharita, Associate Director
Maloney Martinez, Operations Coordinator
Bridget McNamee, Disability Services Outreach Specialist
Daniel Moore, Assistant Director of Admissions Communication
Judith Moss, Disability Specialist
Maura Mulligan, Director, Counseling Center
Marlin Nabors, Director of Community Standards
Courtney Newman, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Patricia Osgood, Senior Assistant Director, Student Financial Services
Maureen M. Papile, Assistant Registrar, Scheduling
Dianne Plummer, Associate Vice Presidentfor Enrollment Management
Frederick Ross, Assistant Director of Admissions
Steven Rossi, Program Advisor, Student Leadership Programs
Marcia Sailor, Co-op Advisor
Joseph P. Santacroce, Co-op Advisor
Paul Santoro, Senior Student Services Representative
Robyn Shahid-Bellor, Assistant Director, Loans
Alison Sherman, Associate Registrar
Robin Slavin, Senior Co-op Advisor
Brittany Smith, Student Financial Services Counselor
Chuck Spirou, Financial Aid Counselor
Gerald Tang, Co-op Advisor
Kimberly Valliere, Financial Aid Counselor
Annamaria Wenner, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Daniel Werner, Student Services Representative
Peter Wyatt, Financial Aid Counselor
Dane Zdunowski, Student Financial Services Counselor

Margaret Card, Director
Anne Gill, Vice President
Susan Morin, Manager
Elissa Silverman, Assistant

Kate Barlow, Director of Marketing and Communications
Brenda Cross-Sanchez, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Lorraine Sousa, Director of Annual Giving and Donor Relations
Jamie Kelly, Media and Public Relations Manager
Meagan McMullen, Assistant Director, Annual Fund
Elana Pierkowski, Development Operations Manager
Melanie Sheffield, Gifts Officer
Erica Wilcoxson, Director of Alumni Relations

Alexander W. Avtgis, Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering and Technology
George T. Balich, Provost Emeritus
Barbara M. Collins, Controller Emeritus
Edward T. Kirkpatrick, President Emeritus (Deceased)
Robert E. Patterson, Registrar Emeritus
Carl A. Swanson, Vice President Emeritus, Student Affairs
Arthur T. Thompson, Provost Emeritus
Paul W. Witherell, Associate Provost Emeritus

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