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Incomplete Grades

The grade of IC, which represents incomplete work, is a temporary grade assigned only after a Request for Change of Grade or Incomplete Grade, with supporting documentation, is approved by both the instructor and the curricular department head/the Dean of Lifelong Learning. Instructors may obtain these forms in the Student Service Center.

A grade of IC may be issued only if the student has completed the majority of the work in a course and has a medical or personal emergency that would prevent him/her from completing the work by the time grades are due. It is not to be used to allow students who mismanage their time to turn in work late.

Although a student may have missed a final examination or be deficient in other required work, an appropriate letter grade will be assigned in the absence of an approved petition. Any student missing a final exam should immediately contact his or her instructor. If a course in which a student receives an “Incomplete” IC grade is a prerequisite for another course, the “incomplete”must be made up and a passing grade received before the end of the add/drop period in the semester the student needs the prerequisite course.

If a permanent grade has not been recorded by the following mid-semester for fall and summer courses, or by the following fall mid-semester for spring courses, the grade of F will automatically be entered on the student’s transcript. Failed courses must be retaken at Wentworth. If a course in which a student requests an “incomplete” is a pre-requisite for a course in the next semester, the grade must be changed before the end of the drop/add period.

Disputing Grades/Change of Grade
The procedure to dispute a grade is outlined in “Student Grievance Procedure” in this section. It is important that students understand that they must first speak with the instructor of the course in which the grade is disputed, then proceed to the curricular department head or the Dean of Lifelong Learning.

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