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Change of Major or Readmission - Undergraduate Day Programs

To change majors students should inform their current academic advisor and consult with the academic department head of the new major they are considering. The academic department head, or other department evaluator, will interview the student and review his/her academic record. A Petition for Change of Major or Readmission form is filled out and signed by the student. The new major evaluator lists courses to be accepted into the new major on the form.

The grade point average in the new major will consist of only those courses used in the new major and must be at least 2.0 to enter the major. The academic department head signs the form indicating whether the petition is approved or denied. Academic department heads are not required to approve petitions if, in their opinion, the student will not succeed academically.

Changing academic majors can impact the length of time to graduation and financial standing. Students are advised to also meet with their Financial Aid and Student Financial Services counselors to discuss any potential impact to their financial aid and tuition payments as a result of the change of major.

Readmission - Undergraduate Day Programs
Any student who wishes to be readmitted to Wentworth after voluntarily withdrawing or taking one or more consecutive semesters off is required to submit a Petition for Change of Major or Readmission form to their academic department head.

Students should start the readmission process by logging into their Lconnect account and reviewing their degree audit. Students who no longer have an active Lconnect account should contact the Student Service Center to request a degree audit.

Readmission is not guaranteed. Students cannot be readmitted to programs that have been discontinued. Students requesting readmission to a major that has undergone substantial change since they matriculated may not get credit for all of the courses they have taken. Credit for courses taken more than ten years prior to the student’s readmission is not allowed. This policy applies to courses taken at Wentworth as well as those taken at other schools.

A student who has been academically dismissed (see Academic Dismissal) may petition the academic department head for readmission after completing preparatory academic work at another institution to strengthen his/her learning skills. Readmission is not guaranteed.

Students wishing to be readmitted submit a Petition for Change of Major or Readmission form to their academic department head along with a copy of the grades from their preparatory work. If the academic department head determines that readmission is viable, no individual course grade lower than a “C” (2.0) will be accepted.

CHANGE OF MAJOR – The Arioch Center programs
For current Arioch Center students to change majors they should contact the Director of Advising in The Arioch Center. The Director of Advising will interview the student, review his/her academic record, and identify any courses that will be transferred into the new major. The student must then complete and sign the Petition of Change of Major or Readmission form, listing all courses accepted into the new major.

Students must have a grade point average of 2.0 to change majors. The grade point average in the new major will consist of only those courses taken in the new major.

Day students wanting to change majors into an Arioch Center program should contact the Admissions Counselor in The Arioch Center.

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