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Address Change and Name Changes or Corrections

Address Change
Students are required to report all address changes (local and permanent).

Address Verification forms for this purpose are available in the Student Service Center or students may change their address online through the Leopard Connection. Failure to do this will prevent important material from reaching the student.

Students are not permitted to change their permanent address online.

The local address of all students, while they are enrolled at Wentworth, must be on file. This includes all off-campus apartments. Students who do not submit their local address to the Student Service Center or through LeopardWeb will be held responsible for all information that is sent for them to the address on file.

Name Changes or Corrections
Currently enrolled students who wish to change their names in their student records must present sufficient identification to the Student Service Center. Upon approval, the student will be asked to complete a form. Legal documentation (e.g., a marriage license or court order) or a copy of the student’s Social Security card must be submitted to the Student Service Center along with the request for the change.

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