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Mark Coen, Associate Registrar

Office of the Registrar
Williston Hall 103
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Boston, MA 02115

Student Affairs

Annamaria Wenner, Dean of Students/Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Room 003, Rubenstein Hall

The Dean of Students is the advocate for all students at the Institute and works to make the student’s experience at Wentworth as positive as possible. Students are encouraged to drop by the office to voice questions or concerns regarding personal, career, and social issues. The Dean of Students is housed in the Office of Student Life, which publishes the Student Handbook that includes the Student Code of Conduct and information about services for students. The Dean of Students oversees Division of Student Affairs which includes Housing and Residential Life, Counseling Services, Health Services, New Student Programs, Community Standards, Student Leadership Programs, Career Services, Wellness Education, and Student Life. As an educational partner in the Institute, the Division of Student Affairs is committed to engaging students in learning opportunities that augment their academic and personal growth. These experiences foster the development of students as contributors to their professions and to the greater community. The Dean of Students is also responsible for ensuring that the Student Code of Conduct is upheld. Students are encouraged to call attention to any behavior that is in conflict with the expectations of the Institute and/or violates the rights of others. Students are expected to be familiar with and comply with any policy or procedure set forth in any official Wentworth publication or by any Institute official.

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