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Professional, Military or Industrial Experience

To qualify for advanced standing credit or a course waiver based on professional and industrial work experience, a student must be admitted into the Institute for a specific program of study and submit the following in the form of a portfolio:

  • A written narrative detailing how a students work experience has met course objectives
  • documentation detailing the years, type, location, and skills and competencies gained from that experience
  • a letter of verification from the applicant’s immediate supervisor or another person qualified by training and experience to comment on the applicant’s acquired skills and competencies for which they have petitioned to receive a course waiver or advanced standing credit
  • supporting documents.

Copies of professional licenses my also be submitted. The student may also be required to take an examination. The student submits the Petition for Academic Credit form, along with the documents noted above, to the Director of Advising.

To qualify for advanced standing credit, students must provide their DD214, and any other official documentation of military service.

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