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Graduate Program Admissions Office

Maureen Dischino
Director of Admissions
Wentworth Hall, Room 108

Graduate Application Process and Requirements
Wentworth Institute of Technology offers a Master of Architecture (MArch) degree, a first professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB). Students who have completed a four-year pre-professional Bachelor of Arts or Science in Architecture degree at an institution with a NAAB-accredited first professional degree program may apply on-line at A fifty dollar ($50) non-refundable application fee must be submitted with the application. Applications are accepted for the fall semester only. The deadline for receipt of a complete application packet is January 15. The minimum overall GPA for admission to the program is 3.0.

Students graduating from Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS-Arch) program and who achieve a minimum departmental (non-elective ARCH courses from 1st through 3rd years only) GPA of 3.2 will automatically be accepted into the MArch program the following year. These students need only submit an application and official transcript(s). Automatic acceptance applies only to applicants currently enrolled in Wentworth’s BS-Arch program.

International Students
International students should refer to page 306 for specific requirements regarding international student admission. A TOEFL score of 525 (paper based) or 197 (computer-based), or higher, is required for all programs. All transcripts of course work completed outside the United States must be evaluated by a reputable evaluation service.

Candidate Status
The following terminology is used to distinguish candidate status:

Internal Candidate: An applicant currently enrolled in Wentworth’s BS-Arch degree program or who has graduated from this program within one year of the application deadline.

External Candidate: 1) An applicant who received their BS-Arch degree from Wentworth more than one year prior to the application deadline or 2) an applicant from a four-year pre-professional Bachelor of Arts or Science in Architecture degree at another institution with a NAAB-accredited first professional degree program.

Application Requirements
All application materials must be completed in English and the candidate should keep a copy of all application materials. The following application materials must be delivered to the Admissions Office by January 15 as a complete application packet:

  1. Official transcripts from all institutions attended after high school graduation, along with a statement of your rank in the class, and in your department, if available. If you are currently enrolled in a program, ask the registrar of the institute to include a list of classes in which you are currently registered. The transcript(s) must be sealed in an envelope from the registrar’s office; loose or opened transcripts will not be accepted.
  2. GRE general test scores are not required for internal candidates, but are required for external candidates.
  3. Completed online application, and a $50.00 non-refundable application fee.
  4. Submit a statement of intent detailing your interest in studying architecture on the graduate level and your intended career/professional goals.
  5. References/letters of recommendations:
    1. Internal program candidates must include on the application form the names and contact information (address, phone, e-mail) for two people who may be contacted as references (in lieu of letters of recommendation). References should be individuals who can judge your potential success in the study of architecture on the graduate
      level. Letters of recommendation should not be submitted by internal
    2. External candidates must submit two letters of recommendation with their application, using the recommendation form available for download with the on-line application. Recommendations should come from individuals who can judge your potential success in the study of architecture on the graduate level. Each recommender must return the recommendation to you in a sealed envelope with their signature across the back flap of the envelope; loose or opened letters of recommendation will not be accepted.
  6. Professional portfolios should contain work that demonstrates your proficiency in architecture and reflect the full range of your creative, research, and technical skills. Please observe the following requirements when creating your portfolio:
    • May be no smaller than 6x9 inches and no larger than 9x12 inches
    • Must lay flat; attached objects, foldouts, and unbound pages are not permitted
    • Must have a front and back cover
    • Applicant’s name must be clearly printed on the front cover
    • May not contain more than 15 interior pages (15 pages equals 30 sides)
    • Must be bound on one side using professional quality binding techniques
    • May not include CD’s, DVD’s, or other non-printed materials

PLEASE NOTE: Portfolios will not be returned. Electronic portfolios will not be accepted.

Graduate Program Admissions Decisions
Completed applications for the MArch program are reviewed by the Architecture Department. Notification on the outcome of the admissions process occurs by April 1 for admission to the following fall semester. Accepted students must indicate their decision to enroll in writing by no later than May 1, accompanied by a $200.00 tuition deposit and a $500.00 housing deposit. The tuition and housing deposits are non-refundable after May 1. Admissions decisions are mailed to the address provided on the application form. Acceptances may not be deferred.

Wentworth Institute of Technology reserves the right to be the exclusive judge of the acceptability of any applicant for admission to its programs of study. Admission decisions for the MArch program are final. All acceptances are contingent upon successful completion of the specified undergraduate degree program and maintenance of the minimum GPA standard.

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