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Advanced Standing Credit and Course Waivers

For all transfer credit situations: please note that based on these guidelines, Wentworth can reject petitions for transfer, accept and transfer credit, or waive a specific course requirement.

General Guidelines
Recognizing that students can acquire some of the prerequisite learning and competency skills outside of Wentworth’s learning environment, applicants and matriculated students may petition the Institute to approve the substitution of equivalent and documented collegiate or professional experiences for specific courses in the published curriculum.

The following guidelines will be used by the Institute in making decisions regarding advanced standing credit, course substitutions, or course waiver petitions.

  • A minimum of 50% of the published curriculum including prerequisite courses must be taken at Wentworth
  • Credit for courses taken more than ten years prior to the student’s enrollment at Wentworth is not normally allowed
  • It is required that students will complete all of their junior, senior (fourth, fifth, sixth, The Arioch Center) and, where applicable, fifth-year courses at Wentworth
  • Courses failed at Wentworth must be repeated at Wentworth
  • Students who are applying to the Institute will not be required to retake courses for which they have achieved an acceptable level of competence in the subject matter. However, due to the nature of Wentworth’s philosophy to combine theory and application into a single course, students may be given a waiver in lieu of advanced standing credit and directed to take another course to augment that student’s previous experience in subject area’s theory or application. In addition students may be required to take an exam

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