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ACPE Program Application Process

Applicants to The Arioch Center should be 22 years of age and possess three years of professional work experience.

In addition to an official high school transcript or G.E.D., applicants must present an official transcript of record from each college previously attended and a letter of recommendation from a current or former employer.

Applicants for admission to The Arioch Center must submit their application electronically via Wentworth’s internet homepage: A $50.00 application processing fee will be charged when the application is submitted.

The Arioch Center applicants must have completed: Four years of English, algebra I, algebra II, plane geometry, and one laboratory science (e.g., chemistry, physics, biology).

The Arioch Center applicants may be required to take the Math Placement Exam. Please consult with The Arioch Center admissions staff.

For Professional Land Surveying applicants, a minimum of an associate degree in civil engineering, forestry, environment sciences, geology, or a related field is required.

Applicants for admission into baccalaureate programs offered through The Arioch Center are not normally admitted if more than 12 credits in prerequisite course work are required. Students required to undertake more than 12 credits in prerequisites are usually counseled to pursue an associate degree program prior to beginning their baccalaureate study.

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