7 Elements of a Job Ad


The title should be both industry standard and appealing. Target specific groups based on their area of study by including words such as "Computer" "Engineer" "Industrial" etc. Do not include jargon, which those outside of your company would not understand. Do not use numeric indicators of seniority level.


The first short paragraph should be a "lead" that answers the question: why does a student want to do this job? Hooks can be job specific or based on your company's overall attributes.

Possible attractions could include:

  • One specific function of the job, which utilizes student skills in a unique way
  • An aspect of your company, which employees appreciate, such as site-based benefits, industry leadership, or positive ethos/atmosphere
  • An exciting on-going project, which is of interest to students, such as green opportunities, or innovative technology
  • One benefit of working for your firm, such as growth from within, advancement into full time after graduation, flexible hours, or competitive pay. (The remainder of these benefits can be expanded later in the job description)

Company Blurb

The second paragraph should include general information about your firm. Most employers have a standard blurb that they use repetitively which is generated from their communications staff. A link to your website can expand on this short introduction.


List at least 3 responsibilities of the co-op in bullet form. These are tasks that the employee performs on a regular basis as opposed to skills needed to perform the tasks. This is an opportunity to expand on attractive projects and utilization of coursework. Responsibilities should begin with action words.


List two categories of skills: required and desired. If skills are designated "desired but not required" more applicants are encouraged to apply. Listing all skills together can discourage applicants who lack even one skill, so keep the required list short.


Generate a standard blurb, which incorporates the top 3, reasons employees enjoy working at your company (see list above).

Application encouragement

Information on how to apply is a required prompt, but this is important enough to explain in the description. Encourage applicants to apply with language, which reflects your company's interest in quality employees. Describe diversity initiatives and other inclusive application practices. Also, include your preference for follow up and any information, which is not included in the standard prompt.

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