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Class of 2014 Career Outcomes Report

We are pleased to release the Class of 2014 Career Outcomes report. 

This report analyzes the employment and graduate school status (known through this report as Career Outcomes) for people who graduated in December 2013, April 2014 and August 2014 (known in this report as the Class of 2014).  This report contains information on graduates from the College of Architecture, Design & Construction Management, the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Engineering & Technology and the College of Professional & Continuing Education.  Included in this report is the knowledge rate and career outcome rate for each major, school and the Institute.  Employers, job titles and starting salaries by major are included as is graduate school, degree and area of study.  Graduates were asked to provide information on their favorite memory of their time at Wentworth, which is provided at the end of this report. 

Class of 2014 Outcomes Report

(Please note that the table of contents has hyperlinks that allow you to quickly jump to a specific area of the report.)

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# of Credits Completed with Co-op

                                                                                                          Credit Hour Range

Sophomore (optional except for Architecture)                         63

Junior (400)                                                                                            64 - 95

Senior (600)                                                                                            96+


Career Services Summer Drop-In Hours

Wentworth Career Services provides students and alumni with resources for career and graduate school planning, manages the college's cooperative education (co-op) program, and engages employers to recruit Wentworth students and alumni.


Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday : 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Drop-in for a brief 15-minute consultation with a co-op and career advisor. Drop-in hours are great for resume and cover letter reviews; help with your LinkedIn profile; initial career planning, and job searching strategies.

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