Cooperative Education (Co-op)

What is cooperative education (co-op)?

Cooperative education is an educational strategy that integrates work experience with classroom and lab experience.

Co-op at a Glance

Cooperative education (co-op) is full-time, temporary employment in your field of study that enables you to connect classroom learning with professional work experience. Co-op at Wentworth is a graduation requirement. All undergraduate day division students must successfully complete two co-op semesters (COOP 3500, COOP 4500) in order to graduate.

Eligibility for co-op is determined by your class standing and cumulative GPA (minimum 2.0).

Co-op Course

Class year

Optional or Mandatory


Sophomore (32-63 credits)

Optional (not Arch)


Junior (64-95 credits)



Senior (96+ credits)



Senior (96+ credits)


* COOP5000 requires Co-op Advisor approval. COOP 4500 is a pre-requisite for COOP 5000. You may register for COOP 500 more than once.

* Applied Mathematics (3-year program) will complete their COOP 3500 during the Summer semester of their sophomore year.
* Architecture majors will complete their COOP 3500 during the Spring semester of their sophomore year and their COOP 4500 during the Summer semester of their junior year (no COOP 3000).

All undergraduate day students complete 2 required co-op semesters—one during the junior year and one during the senior year.

Students have the option of completing an optional co-op (COOP300) during the summer between the sophomore and junior year. This co-op, however, cannot be applied toward the co-op graduation requirement





1st YEAR



2nd YEAR


Arch Required 1

Optional Co-op (not Arch)

Math 3 year Required 1

3rd YEAR


Co-op Required 1

Arch Required 2

Math 3 year Required 2

Electromechanical Required 1

Math 4 year Required 1

4th YEAR

Co-op Required 2

Math 4 year Required 2

Electromechanical Required 2

5th YEAR





How do I get support for my co-op?

Every student is assigned a co-op advisor with a specialty in working with students on setting co-op goals, career advising and job searching. They work with students individually and in small groups so that not only is your co-op searching a success, but also your experience in the workplace is a success. Co-op Tutorial: click here.

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