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Fourth Annual Wentworth Expo on March 16

A Showcase of Student Excellence

This year's Wentworth Expo will be on Wednesday, March 16 from 4-6pm in the Watson Auditorium

What great things have you done lately? Showcase them for the WIT Community!

  • Have you completed a service project?
  • Has your student organization held an amazing event?
  • Have you finished your Wentworth Leadership Institute project?
  • Have you created an amazing product on your own or while on co-op?
  • Is your Accelerate team ready to show off their product?
  • Have you utilized a Professional Development Grant?
  • Has your student organization competed in a competition?

Support this year's participants

Department of Sciences: Liam Holohan, BBME, ‘16
WIRE Takes NYC - Presenting at the National Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems
Wentworth Internet Radio & Entertainment (WIRE): David Kreider, BSM, ‘17
Galaxy Rotation Curves
Dark Matter Group: Modestas Stulge, BSA, ’16; Brian Stefanski, BSA, ‘16
Region F Conference
Society of Women Engineers: Lisa Osgood, BELM, ‘16
Synthesis, Characterization, and Toxicity Measurements of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Wentworth Chemistry and Biology Department: Katie Vilardi, BSCE, ‘17
Kevin Griffin, BELM, ’18; Allison Sirois, BSME, ‘18
Leadership Phase Three Scholarship Initiative
Stefan Burnett, BSA, ’17; Mark Olsen, BELM, ‘16
Professional Development with the Construction Management Club
Construction Management Club: Stephanie Crepeau, BSCM, ‘19
Bradley Palmer, BSCM, ’16; Ronald Renaud, BSCM, ‘16
Tallyn Ridge Development
National Association of Home Builders: Drew Sylvia, BSCM, ’16; Erica Stankus, BSCM, ‘16
WIT Outing Club Trips
WIT Outing Club: William Whelan, BSME, ’18; Samuel Beane, BSCE, ‘16
Wentworth Mountain Bike Club
Mountain Bike Club: Matthew Callahan, BFPM, ‘16
Modeling Neutron Star Stability
Spasen Stefanov Chaykov, BBME, ‘16
The Fourth Annual Wentworth Expo
A Showcase of Student Excellence
March 16, 2016
WIT National Society of Black Engineers
Grady Granville, BSCE, ’17
American Society of Civil Engineers
Madison Blanchard, BSCE, ’17; Jamie Grome, BSCE, ’16; Nicholas Jones, BSCE, ’16; Matthew Moore, BSCE, ‘16
Co-op Presentation
Daniel Sussman, BMET, ‘16
A Prototype Clinical Access Control System for the Integrated Clinical Environment
Dylan Bagshaw, BBME, ‘16
Catholic Student Association
Mitchell Kendrioski, BELM, ’17; Katie McDonough, BSAM, ‘19
Welding and Machine Tooling at Wentworth's College of Professional and Continuing Education
Welding and Machine Tooling: Representatives from CPCE
Leveraging Dark Silicon for Physical Unclonable Functions
Temour Raza, BSEE, ‘19
Wentworth Environmental Collaborative
Andrew Breiter-Wu, BSCE, ‘18
The Design, Build, Go Universal Power Hub
Alex Coucci, BELM, ’17; Marcus Grandinetti, BELM, ’17; Trevor Leandro, BELM, ’17

Email for more information.

If you need an accommodation to fully participate in this event please contact Chris Scanlon at or 617-989-4211.

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