The Annual Awards

Congratulations to all our 2014 Annual Awards winners!

Click the highlighted text for photos of the recipients with their awards.

College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management

Henry Adams Certificate - Julie Rahilly, Architecture

Henry Adams Medal - Stephen DeMayo, Architecture

Alpha Ro Chi Medal - Scott Graham, Architecture

Alpha Ro Chi Medal - Ciro Podany, Architecture

Alpha Ro Chi Medal - Justin Kearnan, Architecture

President’s Award for Undergraduate Architecture - Olivia Hegner

President’s Award for Construction Management - Haylee Bacik

President’s Award for Construction Management - Wesley Taggett

President’s Award for Industrial Design - Kimberly Silva

President’s Award for Interior Design - Marissa Finnerty

President’s Award for Master of Architecture - Erin Hartmann

Campus Engagement Awards

Civic Engagement Award-  ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers)

Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees

Victoria Armishaw, Women’s Soccer

Beau Burgau, Ice Hockey

Sam Curran, Softball and Women’s Volleyball

Kevin Crowe, Ice Hockey

Nico Donato, Men’s Basketball

Beverly Farris, Women’s Soccer and Women’s Lacrosse

Jillian Flynn, Women’s Tennis

John Fragnoli, Men’s Basketball

Isabella Grassetti, Softball and Rowing

Jessica Houghton, Women’s Lacrosse

Dillion Lynch, Men’s Lacrosse

Virginia Ofer, Women’s Tennis

Scott Ouellette, Baseball

Marisa Page, Women’s Tennis

Alexandre Peck, Ice Hockey

Alexander Schwarzkopf, Rowing

Erik Shaw, Men’s Soccer

Community Scholarship Recipients

Dario Boyce, Architecture
Nathan Catell, Electromechanical Engineering
Enri Cobani, Electrical Engineering
Christopher Cole, Electronic Engineering Technology
Leslie DeLeon, Architecture
Jason DiPietro, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Adrian Hall, Management
Nilu Jariwala, Electromechanical Engineering
Christopher Mackle, Computer Science
Vadim Manokhin, Computer Science
Anzia Mendez-Neff, Business Management
Phed Parisien, Construction Management
Chris Pyman, Civil engineering
Alex Rozek, Construction Management
Benjamin Sewards, Computer Science
Erik Shaw, Electromechanical engineering
Teagan Simkins, Construction Management
Sean Strauch, Construction Management
Timothy Walters, Computer Engineering Technology
Michael Webb, Electromechanical Engineering
Andrew Yarber, Computer Networking

College of Arts and Science

President’s Award for Facility Management - Meaghan Doyle

President’s Award for Business Management - James Therien

Sigma Beta Delta Inductees

Victoria Armishaw, Management

Bowen Leary, Management

Margaret Robinson, Facility Planning and Management

Megan Savage, Management

Christopher Seward, Management

Tau Alpha Pi Inductees

Majed Adnan Aljarrash, Construction Management

Victoria Armishaw, Management

Dario Boyce, Architecture

Taylor Briand, Construction Management

Brendan Cioto, Civil Engineering

Peter Cook, Construction Management

Patrick Duffy, Civil Engineering

Beverly Farris, Biomedical Engineering

Brittany Guerrera, Biomedical engineering

Santiago Hernandez, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Holly Hersey, Architecture

Patrick Hughes, Building construction Management

Shayna Jackson, Applies Mathematics

Matthew Joyal, Electromechanical Engineering

Thomas Leiper, Civil Engineering Technology

Mason Ray Machado, Electronic Engineering

Shawn Richard Martin, Electromechanical Engineering

Timothy Nieutupski, Civil Engineering Technology

Mark Olsen, Electromechanical Engineering

Leah Parrino, Management

Filipe Miguel Pereira, Architecture

Richard Rininger, Electronic Engineering

Matthew Tacy, Mechanical Engineering

Kevin Yang, Electromechanical Engineering

Katrina Zuelke, Computer Engineering Technology

Service to the Institute Awards

Advocate for Multiculturalism - Rebecca Williams, Electromechanical Engineering

Outstanding Student Employee - Hunter Pattershall, Architecture

Resident Assistants of the Year - Wilfredo Garcia, Civil Engineering

Unsung Hero - Marc Perella, Construction Management

College of Engineering and Technology

President’s Award for Civil Engineering- Fred Falcone

President’s Award for Civil Engineering Technology - Thomas Leiper

President’s Award for Computer Networking - Andrew Yarber

President’s Award for Computer Science- Matthew Pivnick

President’s Award for Electronic Engineering Technology - Christopher Cole

President’s Award for Computer Engineering Technology - Katrina Zuelke

President’s Award for Mechanical Engineering Technology- Aaron Gilbert

President’s Award for Mechanical Engineering - Reed Rushing

President’s Award for Electromechanical Engineering - Michael Devine

President’s Award for Electrical Engineering - Benjamin Plotner

Edward T. Kirkpatrick Co-operative Education Awards

Jems Auguste, Mechanical Engineering and Technology
Haylee Bacik, Construction Management
Corey Gibbons, Architecture
Alejandra Garcia Sanchez, Electromechanical Engineering
Christina Fenton, Industrial Design
Christina Henry, Business Management and Facility Management
Daniel Jameson, Civil Engineering and Technology
Garrett Lister, Computer Science and Computer Networking
Sara Matthew, Interior Design
Benjamin Plotner, Electrical Engineering and Technology

College of Professional and Continuing Education

Outstanding Associate Degree Student Recipient - William Schulze, Building Construction Management

Outstanding Baccalaureate Degree Student Recipient -  Gary Kirk, Project Management

Outstanding Master Degree Student Recipient -Kurt D. Hansen, Construction Management

Leadership Awards

Wentworth Bowl - Anzia Mendez-Neff, Management

Paragon Award - Brianna Bonfiglio, Facility Planning and Management

Outstanding First Year Student Leader - Shannon Carter, Biomedical Engineering

Outstanding Sophomore Student Leader - Hayley Patton, Biomedical Engineering

Outstanding Junior Student Leader - Kirsten Wilde, Civil Engineering

Student Organization of the Year -Wentworth Internet Radio Experience (WIRE)

Wentworth Leadership Institute Graduates

Timothy Chouinard, Facility Planning and Management

Leslie DeLeon, Architecture

Mary Neil, Civil Engineering

Marshall Stoneham, Facility Planning and Management

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