The Annual Awards

Congratulations to all our 2013 Annual Awards winners!

College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management

Henry Adams Certificate - Sinead Gallivan, Architecture

Henry Adams Medal - Kevin Conant, Architecture

Alpha Ro Chi Medal - Erblin Bucaliu, Architecture

President’s Award for Undergraduate Architecture - Julie Rahily

President’s Award for Construction Management - Alexander D'Agostino

President’s Award for Industrial Design - Coorte Voorhies

President’s Award for Interior Design - Allison Collins

President’s Award for Master of Architecture - Samantha Altieri

Sigma Lambda Chi Inductees:
Matthew Cohen, Construction Management
Nicholas Cometa, Construction Management
Charles Gambale, Construction Management
Arthur Lekkas, Construction Management
Gregory Murphy, Construction Management
Mark Pappas, Construction Management
Arth Patel, Construction Management
Lauren Rothermel, Construction Management
Alex Rozek, Construction Management
Justin Stahler, Construction Management
Zachary Spencer, Construction Management
David Swyter, Construction Management
Calum Walsh, Construction Management

Campus Engagement Awards

Civic Engagement Award- Tony Li, Computer Science

Diversity Writing Awards
Winner: Anthony Pierre-Louis, Computer Engineering
Honorable Mention: Shayna Jackson, Applied Mathematics

Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees
Haylee Bacik, Construction Business Management, Softball
Jordan Biggar, Business Management, Basketball
Cody Gibb, Civil Engineering, Soccer
Michelle Hobbs, Architecture, Volleyball
Shaun Jameson, Business Management, Hockey
Kendra Kerr, Business Management, Basketball
Wlliam McCracken, Civil Engineering Technology, Hockey
Kelsea Miller, Biomedical Engineering, Soccer
Timmy Nguyen, Computer Science, Tennis
Lisa Piccirillo, Industrial Design, Lacrosse
Jared Proulx, Electromechanical Engineering, Lacrosse
Reed Rushing, Mechanical Engineering, Hockey
Juan Rodriguez , Civil Engineering Technology, Tennis
Andrew Yarber, Computer Networking, Hockey

Community Scholarship Recipients
Ashley Alberts, Facility Planning & Management
Haylee Bacik, Construction Management
Ashley Bressette, Architecture
Enri Cobani, Electrical Engineering
Leslie DeLeon, Architecture
Casey Galante, Architecture
Richard Holland, Computer Networking
Kendra Kerr, Business Management
Jillian Leo, Computer Networking
Victoria Lowell, Architecture
Derek Mayo, Business Management
Anzia Mendez-Neff, Business Management
Heather Morse, Architecture
Adam Parsons, Architecture
Kayla Perkowski, Civil Engineering Technology
Nick Rrapushi, Electromechanical Engineering
Zaharadeen Sadiq, Civil Engineering
Christina Strid, Architecture
Bryan Webb, Civil Engineering Technology
Ashley Wolfrum, Electromechanical Engineering

College of Arts and Science

President’s Award for Facility Planning and Management - Olivia Gardner

President’s Award for Business Management - Jackson Spivey

Sigma Beta Delta Inductees
Ashley Alberts, Facility Management
Linh Dang, Business Management
Meaghan Doyle, Facility Management
Kendra Kerr, Business Management
Shirish Singh, Business Management
James Therrien, Business Management
Michael Wynkoop, Business Management

Tau Alpha Pi Inductees
Jordan Biggar, Business Management
James Cleveland, Architecture
Enri Cobani, Electrical Engineering
Allison Collins, Interior Design
Samantha Curran, Biomedical Engineering
Brian Davies, Project Management
Meaghan Doyle, Facility Planning & Management
Brandon Fernald, Project Management
William Fleming Jr., Project Management
Daniel Flynn, Engineering Technology
Tyler Frasca, Electromechanical Engineering
Faith Gagliardi, Business Management
Erin Hartman, Architecture
Richard Holland, Computer Networking
Daniel Keough, Project Management
Kendra Kerr, Business Management
Vadim Manokhin, Computer Science
Joseph Masello, Project Management
Ryan Moyen, Electrical Engineering Technology
William Nitsch, Electromechanical Engineering
Richard Pigntoro, Architecture
Jesus Adrian Rivera, Mechanical Engineering
Antonio Sestito Jr., Electromechanical Engineering
Aung Soe, Electromechanical Engineering
Bryan Webb, Civil Engineering Technology
Edward Winters, Mechanical Engineering

Service to the Institute Awards

Advocate for Multiculturalism - Milicent Lucero, Facility Planning & Management

Outstanding Student Employee - Nicholas Timm, Mechanical Engineering

Resident Assistants of the Year
Heather Morse, Architecture
Kevin Ung, Electromechanical Engineering

Unsung Hero - Jesus Adrian Rivera, Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering and Technology

President’s Award for Civil Engineering Technology - Ryan Lavaroti

President’s Award for Computer Networking - Dan Kurtzer

President’s Award for Computer Science- Mark Vollinger

President’s Award for Electronic Engineering Technology - Don Keuth

President’s Award for Computer Engineering Technology - Matthew Smelcer

President’s Award for Mechanical Engineering Technology - Bradley Newell

President’s Award for Electromechanical Engineering - Megan Joiner

Edward T. Kirkpatrick Co-operative Education Awards

Chris Battaglia, Architecture
Ashley Bell, Facility Planning & Management
Anthony Bisceglia, Computer Engineering Technology
Emmaly Britton, Interior Design
Ashley Catan, Electromechanical Engineering
Avetis Ghukasyan, Computer Science
Bailey Giles, Industrial Design
Nicole Hansen, Computer Networking
Jackson Spivey, Business Management
Justin Stahler, Construction Management
Ryan Sullivan, Civil Engineering Technology
Joseph Usenia, Mechanical Engineering Technology
James Wright, Electronic Engineering Technology

College of Professional and Continuing Education

Outstanding Associate Degree Student Recipient - James Kane, Construction Management

Outstanding Baccalaureate Degree Student Recipient - Adam Sniegocki, Building Construction Management

Outstanding Master Degree Student Recipient -Sandra Cook, Construction Management

Leadership Awards

Wentworth Bowl - Faith Gagliardi, Business Management

Paragon Award - JT White, Architecture

Outstanding Fist Year Student Leader - Derek Fernandes, Electrical Engineering

Outstanding Sophomore Student Leader - Samuel Loso, Architecture

Outstanding Junior Student Leader - Samuel Kim, Computer Science

Student Organization of the Year -Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Soar in Four Graduates
Brianna Bonfiglio, Facility Planning & Management
Samuel Kim, Computer Science
Katherine Lux, Architecture
Anzia Mendez-Neff, Business Management
Ryan Moyen, Electrical Engineering Technology
William Peterson, Electromechanical Engineering
Kimm Silva, Industrial Design
Nathaniel St. Jean, Architecture
Joseph Vecchione, Architecture
Rebecca Williams, Electromechanical Engineering

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