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The Annual Awards

Congratulations to all our 2015 Annual Awards winners!

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Click the highlighted text for photos of the recipients with their awards.

Campus Engagement Awards

Community Scholarship Recipients

Nicholas Anderson, Biomedical Engineering
Victoria Armishaw, Business Management
Dario Boyce, Architecture
Raul Centeno, Computer Information Systems
Patrick Christen, Architecture
Silvia Colpani, Architecture
Drew Conserva, Architecture
Samantha Curran, Biomedical Engineering
Jacob Diamond, Computer Science
William Forsling, Electromechanical Engineering
Clifford Freeman, Computer Information Systems
David Gidley, Management
Brittany Guerrera, Biomedical Engineering
Jenna Jacobs, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Joyal, Electromechanical Engineering
Samuel Maloney, Architecture
Richard Melo, Mechanical Engineering
Stephanie Nihan, Biomedical Engineering
Mark Olsen, Electromechanical Engineering
Christopher Oyenuga, Civil Engineering
Hunter Pattershall, Architecture
Hayley Patton , Biomedical Engineering
Alex Rozek, Construction Management
Karsyn Sawyer, Interior Design
Erik Shaw, Electromechanical Engineering
Idriss Slaoui, Biomedical Engineering
Sean Strauch, Construction Management
Derek Wong, Civil Engineering
Sara Zettler, Architecture

Civic Engagement Award - Hunter Pattershall

Accelerate Graduates

Greg Affsa, Industrial Design
Ken Bousquet, Business Management
Ben Greenier, Computer Science
Sean Iacobone, Electromechanical Engineering
Matthew Joyal, Electromechanical Engineering
Matthew Michaud, Computer Science
Dylan Powers, Electromechanical Engineering
Taylor Rosenbaum, Mechanical Engineering
Alex Schwarzkopf, Electromechanical Engineering

College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management

Henry Adams Certificate - Lauren Vorwald, Architecture
Henry Adams Certificate - James Cleveland, Architecture
Henry Adams Medal - Ewelina Olechowska, Architecture
Alpha Ro Chi Medal - Jared Guilmett, Architecture
Alpha Ro Chi Medal - Alex Griffin, Architecture
President’s Award for Undergraduate Architecture - Sara Zettler
President’s Award for Construction Management - Zachary Spencer
President’s Award for Industrial Design - Gregory Affsa
President’s Award for Interior Design - Jessica Williams
President’s Award for Master of Architecture - Michelle Hobbs

Service to the Institute Awards

Advocate for Multiculturalism - Clifford Freeman, Computer Information Systems
Outstanding Student Employee - Marc Natichioni, Civil Engineering
Resident Assistant of the Year - Sara Zettler, Architecture
Unsung Hero - Susana Vasquez Trujillo, Civil Engineering
Advancing Diversity Award - Sean MacNab, Industrial Design

College of Engineering and Technology

President’s Award for Biomedical Engineering- Samantha Curran
President’s Award for Engineering- Roger Larrabee
President’s Award for Civil Engineering- Kirsten Wilde
President’s Award for Civil Engineering Technology - Nicholas Karkos
President’s Award for Computer Networking - Jacob Vallejo
President’s Award for Computer Science- Joseph Moraal
President’s Award for Computer Engineering - Alexander Mazzone
President’s Award for Computer Engineering Technology- Rosemary Espinal
President’s Award for Electronic Engineering Technology - Evan Driscoll
President’s Award for Mechanical Engineering Technology- George Elias
President’s Award for Mechanical Engineering - Richard Melo
President’s Award for Electromechanical Engineering - Matthew Joyal
President’s Award for Electrical Engineering - Zelong Le

Honorary Societies

Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees

Rami Akouri, Men’s Volleyball
Laura Boyd, Women’s Tennis
David Cook, Men’s Soccer
Jacob Diamond, Ice Hockey
Adam Frank, Ice Hockey
Connor Gullifer, Men’s Soccer
Danielle Harrod, Softball
Jenna Jacobs, Women’s Tennis
Sam Martins, Men’s Soccer
Megan McLaughlin, Women’s Basketball
Dylan Melnick, Men’s Tennis
Joel Miller, Ice Hockey
Nicole Mooney, Women’s Tennis
Zachary Nicholson, Men’s Lacrosse
Nicholas Parent, Men’s Lacrosse
Hayley Patton, Women’s Lacrosse
Karsyn Sawyer, Softball
Michael Sweeney, Baseball
Bradley Tyler, Golf
Timothy Walter, Rowing

Sigma Lambda Chi Inductees

Matthew Cohen, Construction Management
Matthew Couture, Construction Management
Kevin Densmore, Construction Management
Justin Dunham, Construction Management
Reynaldo Fadrigalan, Construction Management
Nathan Forrett, Construction Management
Brian Gately, Construction Management
Gregory Holmes, Construction Management
Michael Kennedy, Construction Management
Anthony Matera, Construction Management
Thomas Melanson, Construction Management
Patrick Newell, Construction Management
Neil Pandolfo, Construction Management
Alex Rozek, Construction Management
Paul Scotto, Construction Management
Teagan Simkins, Construction Management
Zachary Spencer, Construction Management
Sean Strauch, Construction Management
Zachary Tarolli, Construction Management
Alex Yu, Construction Management

Sigma Beta Delta Inductees

Raul Centeno, Computer Information Systems
Kaylene Comfort, Business Management
Cameron Hadfield, Facilities and Planning Management
Adrian Hall, Business Management
Jeremy Lowe, Facilities and Planning Management
Sean Miller, Facilities and Planning Management
Jeremy Monat, Business Management
Leah Parrino, Business Management
Alexandre Peck, Business Management
Joshua Ramirez, Computer Information Systems
Dana Spielvogel, Business Management

Tau Alpha Pi inductees

Karl Anderson, Mechanical Engineering
Greg Anderson, Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Anderson, Biomedical Engineering
Olivia Barrett, Civil Engineering
Gunnar Erickson, Electromechanical Engineering
Matt Federico, Building Construction Management
David Gidley, Management
Isabella Grassetti, Biomedical Engineering
Jared Guilmett, Architecture
Cameron Hadfield, Facilities Planning and Management
Jessica Ann Houghton, Architecture
Sean Iacobone, Electromechanical Engineering
Richard Melo, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Moore, Civil EngineeringVirginia Ofer, Architecture
Anthony Rodriguez, Architecture
Karsyn Sawyer, Interior Design
Oleksandr Semenov, Computer Engineering Technology
Erik Shaw, Electromechanical Engineering
Dana Spielvogel, Management
Devin Steele, Architecture
Deidra Tart, Project Management
Pablo Miguel Vasquez Trujillo, Electromechanical Engineering
Kirsten Wilde, Civil Engineering
Sara Zettler, Architecture

College of Arts and Science

President’s Award for Applied Mathematics - Elena Grillo
President’s Award for Facility Management - Cameron Hadfield
President’s Award for Business Management - Leah Perrino
President’s Award for Computer Information Systems - Joshua Ramirez

Edward T. Kirkpatrick Co-operative Education Awards

Leo Chaisson, Computer Science
Onyi Cho, Computer Engineering
Jamie Giglio, Civil Engineering
Benjamin Iwanowski, Construction Management
Andon Kiryazov, Computer Networking
Jeremy Lowe, Facilities and Planning Management
Richard Melo, Mechanical Engineering
Tam Phuong Nguyen, Applied Mathematics
Nathan Ouellette, Interdisciplinary Engineering
Anthony Polidoro, Architecture
Joshua Ramirez, Computer Information Systems
Allan Rodas, Electrical Engineering
Megan Savage, Business Management
Alexander Schwarzkof, Electromechanical Engineering
Idriss Slaoui, Biomedical Engineering
Michelle Stoner, Industrial Design

College of Professional and Continuing Education

Outstanding Associate Degree Student Recipient - Mary Leahy, Building Construction Management
Outstanding Baccalaureate Degree Student Recipient - Joseph Masello, Project Management
Outstanding Master Degree Student Recipient -Christopher Pizzi, Facility Management

Leadership Awards

Wentworth Bowl - Samantha Curran, Biomedical Engineering
Paragon of Leadership Award - Dario Boyce, Architecture
Outstanding First Year Student Leader - Timothy Elrick, Architecture
Outstanding Sophomore Student Leader - Maya Bloom, Computer Science
Outstanding Junior Student Leader - Samuel Maloney, Architecture
Student Organization of the Year -Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

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