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Honor Societies

Honor Societies, like Academic Organizations are also focused on academic pursuits, but require a minimum GPA higher than the minimum of 2.0 required for participation in student organizations, and/or other academic merits to maintain membership.

Phi Sigma Pi

The Epsilon Kappa Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi: National Honors Fraternity is more than just a large group of intellectual individuals who enjoy scholarly activities and community service. It is a family of people who learn and grow together. A family whose hardships rest on each others shoulders. A family who raise each other up against the seemingly impossible. Each of us, are Brothers who practice ideals that embody that we are strong willed, respectful, open minded intellects. Student leaders of all types comprise our fraternity, and together we strive to achieve none other than triumph over all tribulation. 

Meeting Times and Location: Tuesdays, 8:30pm, TBD (meetings are open to members only)

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