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Want to start a new Org?

Are you interested in starting a new student organization? Email Eric Crumrine, Program Advisor to schedule a meeting with a Student Organization Intern and get started! 

General Interest Organizations

General Interest Organizations are organizations that are not academic or athletic in nature, which seek to promote the well-being of students at Wentworth.

Competitive Video Gaming Club (CVGC)

Wentworth's Comptitive Video Gaming Club is a great way to get out and meet fellow gamers and have some fun in the process. The CVGC frequently holds gaming tournaments and LAN parties through out the Fall and Spring semesters. Weather your a casuel gamer or really competitve, they hold enjoyable events where everyone has a chance to get a price regardless of play level.

Meeting Times and Location: tbd
Contact Information: TBD

Note-oriety (Wentworth A Capella Club)

Wentworth’s premier A Cappella group, Note-oriety, is one of Boston’s up and coming musical talents. A group of enthusiastic and talented Wentworth singers and vocal percussionists, Note-oriety is the first and only of its kind on campus. It is a co-ed group open to all Wentworth students who are interested in singing.

They practice once or twice a week and work on a variety of music including pop, top 40s, classics, and R&B.

Even though Note-oriety has just gotten its feet on the ground, they have big plans for the future.  Be on the lookout for impromptu performances and random acts of singing around campus!

Meeting Times and Location: TBD
Contact Information: TBD

The Green Team

The Environmental/ Green Team has two committees; sustanability and recycling. The sustainability committee competes in the Mid-Pac Water Treatment Competition trying to find a way to solve a problem and design a solution in the most sustainable way.  The Group must build a model of their design and test it.  The Recycling committee promotes the importance of recycling on Wentworth by participating in the National competition known as Recyclemania.  Other events are held to increase the students' awareness of sustainability on campus

Meeting Times and Location: Tuesday, 4-5PM Annex Central 306
Contact Information: TBD

Wentworth Events Board (WEB)

The Wentworth Events Board (WEB) is a student-run organization that thrives off of its highly energetic and dedicated members. WEB is committed to providing the very best in entertainment for the Wentworth community throughout the academic year while fostering leadership and responsibility within its members. 

WEB relies heavily on the volunteer efforts of its General Members, who support six elected Committee Coordinators in the planning and implementation of every event. The six Committees (Comedy, Concerts, Daytime, Travel/Special, Beaux Arts Ball, and Public relations) provide the basis for WEB's events. The Committees find great local talent, keep up with popular event planning trends, and choose events that appeal to the entire Wentworth community.

WEB is always looking for new members to join and bring their new, unique ideas to the organization. Feel free to visit WEB in the SLP Clubs Office on the 4th floor of Beatty Hall or attend a General Meeting, held every Wednesday at 6 PM in the 610 Lobby.

Meeting Times and Location: tbd
Contact Information: 

Wentworth Improvisational Theatre Club (WITC)

The Wentworth Improvisational Theatre Club is an organization devoted to having fun, preforming improv theatre, and learning communication and teamwork skills. The club allows non-members to visit club practices, and become an audience.

Contact Information: TBD

Wentworth Internet Radio Experience (WIRE)

WIRE is an organization dedicated to producing quality programming, both live and recorded, on a global network.  We sponsor events inspired by our passion for music and individual expression.

Meeting Times and Locations: TBD
Contact Information:

Wentworth Student Government (WSG)

The purpose of WSG shall be: to act as a conduit between the students, faculty, and staff of Wentworth Institute of Technology; to encourage responsibility through democratic self‐governance; to work with administration to influence educational programs, student life, and administrative management of the Institute; and to further the interests of the student body.

Meeting Times and Locations: TBD
Contact Information: TBD

Wentworth Web Wizards (WWW)

A club to teach students about different forms of website design and development using languages such as: PHP/MYSQL, HTML 5, CSS, javascript, flash, ASP.NET, .NET NUKE. This club will also allow members to create websites that will be published.

Meeting Times and Locations: TBD
Contact Information: TBD

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