Wentworth Leadership Institute

Wentworth Leadership Institute coursework utilizes practical theory, skill building and real-world application to foster in-depth practical, professional and personal leadership development. Wentworth Leadership Institute is a powerful and transformational experience that will prepare students to be effective leaders at Wentworth and in their chosen professions.

Career Preparation

Employers, now more than ever, are seeking candidates with exceptional skills in the areas of interpersonal and group management, problem solving, critical thinking and effective communication. Wentworth Leadership Institute prepares students to be an attractive candidates, impactful employees and effective leaders in their fields.


Wentworth Leadership Institute participants will gain:

  • Personalized leadership training and development
  • A powerful experience to add to their resumes
  • Knowledge and skills on how to effectively work in and lead groups a fundamental part of professional expectations
  • Institutional Recognition, including a Leadership Certificate upon completion of all 3 Phases, recognized at the Annual Awards ceremony.


Wentworth Leadership Institute is open to all students, in any year, in any major. Participants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (If you are a first year student, you currently do not have a GPA. Wentworth Leadership Institute staff will check your GPA once grades are posted in the spring semester). You do not need to be a member of a club or in a positional leadership role to join. Wentworth Leadership Institute is mandatory for students hired student leader positions. We are looking for students with a diverse range of experiences to enhance group discussion.

Phase I is designed for students who are new to Wentworth Leadership Programs.  Phase II and III are designed for students who have participated in a formal leadership program after high school, or who have previously participated in a Wentworth Leadership Program.  Not sure which Phase is the right one for you?  Consult this Leadership Flowchart to see which Phase you should register for.

How to Register

Register online on our Applications Page. Applications are due by noon on  January 18, 2013.. Classes begin the week of January 28.


Contact Steven Rossi, Assistant Director of Campus Life, at Leadership@wit.edu or 617-989-4087.

"Leadership. . . the ability to guide, direct, or influence people in a way that has great merit, character, and value." 

(Thompson, Phillips, Grahek & Fay, 2008)

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