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Beaux Arts Ball-FAQs

In case you have some questions about the Ball, here are some answers to the ones most frequently asked. 

Can I bring a guest?  Do they have to go to Wentworth?

Each Wentworth student can bring one non-WIT guests.  Guests must be 18 years or older.  (See below for information on filling out guest waivers)

Does the DJ take request?

Yes, the DJ takes requests.  Tweet your song requests to @WITevents with the hashtag #playmysong

How do I get there?

A map and directions can be found here.  We suggest taking public transportation to avoid steep parking fees.

Is it a costume Ball?

It is not a Costume Ball.  See the dress code below.

What is the dress code?

Though it is billed as semi-formal, the range of attire for the Ball varies.  Some students will go all out and may wear suits or prom dresses, but most opt for dress pants or a casual to semi formal dress.Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. 

What's on the menu?

The menu has not been finalized but expect passed appetizers or appetizer stations, and desserts.  (There will not be a full meal). There will be vegetarian options, but if you have additional meal questions or dietary restrictions please email Linda at and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Will the aquarium be open to the public? Can we view the exhibits?

The aquarium will closed for the public at 5pm and will reopen at 8pm exclusively for Wentworth.  The main exhibit hall will be open to explore, and the penguins will still be awake!

Will there be a bar?

There will be a cash bar for those that are 21+.  There will be free soda, water and juice for everyone.

If I won aquarium tickets in the Info Hub raffle can I use those for this event?

No, those tickets are only for regular business hours at the Aquarium, not for private events.  

Where do I fill out a waiver?

Wentworth students can fill out an online waiver.  This can be done online here

Non-WIT guests cannot fill out the online waiver, but instead can fill out a paper waiver.  This can be done when you arrive, or can be filled out in advance to save time.  These can be found here.

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