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The Management Department and the College of Arts and Sciences is happy to announce the creation of a new club. The Wentworth Association of Managers is open to all COF students and hopes to serve as a bridge between the professional and academic worlds. This club will develop important management and leadership skills for all of those that are involved. We are excited to welcome this student organization to our department and we are all looking forward to the kick-off event on March 27th at 6pm in 610 Lobby.
The club was founded during a session of Intro to Technology Project Management. The first of four classes included in our Technology Project Management concentration. The following people are considered founders of this club as they participated in Marketing, Fundraising, Researching, and Planning out the entire club throughout the spring semester of 2014.
Adrian Hall, Jordan O’Neill, Jamie Grome, Christopher Oyenuga, Samantha Armishaw, Kaylene Comfort, Adam Frank, Mike Cox, Scott Moran, Shawn Ricker, Nick Coscia, Kevin Leary, David Gidley, Jackie McCullough, Leah Parrino, Stephen Schreier, Amal Memon, Jorge Vargas-Aquino, Donald Ymeri, Eric Hamilton,  Jessica Simms, Sebastien Hilbrandt-Mcintosh, Vinh Dang, Anqi Cai, Abdul Allafi, Henry Chen, Sarosh Khatib.
Faculty Sponsor:
Cindy Stevens 

If you have any questions please contact:
Kaylene Comfort


David GIdley


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