Spring 2013 Networking Event - Life After College: Wentworth Alumni Share Post Graduation and Job Experiences

               The Business Management and Facility Management programs held a networking event on Tuesday afternoon March 26, 2013 at the 610 Lobby.  This was an opportunity to meet and question Wentworth graduates from both programs about their own experiences post-graduation in getting jobs as well as their work experiences. 

                Approximately 40 undergraduates met in an informal setting with these alumni, sitting at small tables and having what many described as productive conversations.  The types of questions ranged from how the alumni obtained their first jobs out of college to what it was like working for an unpleasant boss, with many and varied queries in-between.  The interaction was so successful that it was difficult to end at the scheduled time, with several conversations spilling out into the hallway. 

                These networking events offer students valuable insights that they may not be able to find elsewhere.  Please stop by our next networking opportunity; look for emails and posters advertising the event.

Spring 13 Networking Event Guests

Top left to right: Justin Ragsdale, Justin Sabourin, Shane Savoie, Steven Bazarsky, Mark D'Alleva
Bottom left to right: Loan Vu, Denise Luke, Elizabeth Hughes, Kelly Gooltz

Student Perspective

Reported by Christopher Jones, BSM '16

               One of the great things about being in the Business Management major is that you can really end up anywhere once you graduate, and on March 26 we were able to see just where some of the Wentworth Alumni have ended up. While attending the Life After College networking event, current students at Wentworth had the opportunity to meet up with Wentworth alumni, who are now out in the real world. From a Project Manager at General Dynamics, to a Computer Network Director right here at Wentworth, students were able to see just what it is like to be in the work force after college. One of the greatest parts of the event was the fact that the students were able to sit and talk with the alumni in small groups. This setting allowed us to ask questions and discuss topics, one-on-one. By having small communal groups, large audiences and presentation panels were eliminated meaning each student had a more personal experience while connecting with the Alumni. Business Management and Facility Management students at Wentworth took full advantage of this event and appeared to have a great time.

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