Alumni Spotlight

Nelson de Witt

Graduation Year: 2005

Nelson de Witt, BSM, '05On My Success: My first exposure to entrepreneurship came during my junior year co-op when I created a custom software application for my employer. Since graduating in 2005, I have been a part of several other business ventures. I founded a T-shirt company, built software for small businesses, wrote a book about, have done consulting, and am now producing a documentary film. These projects have taught me a lot about what it takes to launch ideas into the world, and what it means to be successful. 

The truth is I'm not as successful as my outward appearance would lead you to believe. Almost all of the projects I launched failed to get traction, or make money, or were ill-conceived. These experiences taught me that my entrepreneurial failures do not make me a failure. I learned the only way to figure out what works is by doing things that don't work. Real success in business comes from testing ideas, making mistakes, and constantly working on getting better. 

What started out as a an idea during one of my co-ops turned into a career. My only regret is that I didn't do more entrepreneurial projects while attending Wentworth.



Nelson was featured in Wentworth's 2009 publication titled "Conduits for Success".

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