2013 Electronic Career Portfolio (ECP) Winners

The following students were selected as award winners for this year's ECP competition. 

1st Place Winner - Faith GagliardiFaith Gagliardi, 1st Place ECP Winner
Prize: $100

"Developing my ECP from scratch gave me a wonderful opportunity to think about how to organize and structure my information. Additionally, it required an analytical look at my past experiences to decide what to include and what to leave out. After looking at many other ECP examples and reading up on web design, I submitted a robust ePortfolio that I am proud of."

2nd Place Winner - Jackson SpiveyJackson Spivey, 2nd Place ECP Winner
Prize: $50

"As I began aggregating information for my portfolio, whether it be class work artifacts, co-op experiences, or extracurricular activities, I was able to look back and see what all I had accomplished at my four years at Wentworth."

3rd Place Winner - Jordan BiggarJordan Biggar, 2nd Place ECP Winner
Prize $25

“The process of building my ECP allowed me to reflect on my past assignments and work. It created a tangible source for my future employers to see what I have accomplished over my educational career at Wentworth.”

3rd Place Winner - Lorenzo Fernandez-KopecLorenzo Fernandez-Kopec, 3rd Place ECP Winner
Prize: $25

“Building this e-portfolio helped me to identify my strengths and accomplishments and then market them to potential employees. Additionally, the writing, the design, and the organization of it all allowed me to display skills beyond my resume and portfolio as well give employers a sense of who I am as a person. Having this ECP is so much more impressive than just having the standard LinkedIn profile, and I believe by having one, students have an edge when it comes to finding a job in this market.” 

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