2014 Electronic Career Portfolio (ECP) Winners

The following students were selected as award winners for this year's ECP competition. 

1st Place Winner - 1st Place ECP WinnerEric Watson
Prize: $100

"Constructing my ECP not only created a tool for the recruiting process, but provided several unique opportunities of reflection; progression as a student and best accomplishments from four years at Wentworth. Please see my eportfolio at http://ericdwatson.weebly.com"

2nd Place Winner - 2nd Place ECP WinnerAnzia Mendez-Neff
Prize: $50

“The ECP was challenging at first, since I had never aggregated and shared information about my coursework and extracurricular outside of my resume. This was a valuable experience that allowed me not only to polish my brand and organize my information but allowed me to recognize my accomplishments over the years and the ways I can improve in the future. I am proud of my ePortfolio and look forward to adding to it in the years to come. For more information please see my eportfolio at mendezneffa.wordpress.com"

3rd Place Winner - James Therien
Prize $25

"Building my portfolio from scratch was a very rewarding process. As I began to compile my work, it was interesting to see how far I've come since my freshmen year. Additionally, it gave me the opportunity to analyse how I saw myself as my own "brand" . The online medium allowed me to organize and develop an image of myself that employers wouldn't be able to grasp from a basic resume. For more information you can visit my full eportfolio at http://jamestherien.wordpress.com "


3rd Place Winner - Sean Young3rd Place ECP Winner
Prize: $25

“My ECP all started in my first concentration course with Prof. Cindy Stevens.  She instructed us to start one for the end of her course, and tried to emphasize the importance of this resource.

From that point on, slowly but surely, I started piecing my ECP together.  Selected projects, outside work, and presentations were added and updated.  I also started gathering together my co op experiences, because I saw value in telling my story to possible employers.  The more I looked at my ECP, the more I realized that I needed a current resume to compliment all of the content I had posted.  My ECP inspired me to revisit my resume to make my resume more streamlined and concise for potential employers.

My ECP is in WordPress format, and I love the flexibility and customizable options available, because it really helps you to express yourself and showcase your content. 

For more information, please see my eportfolio at: https://seanpyoung.wordpress.com/ "

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