2015 Electronic Career Portfolio (ECP) Winners

The following students were selected as award winners for this year's ECP competition. 

1st Place Winner - Leah Parrino 
Prize: $100

Full eportfolio : http://leahparrino.weebly.com

leah parrino e portfolio

2nd Place Winner - Victoria Armishaw 
Prize: $50

Full eportfolio: http://armishawveportfolio.weebly.com

Victoria Armishaw eportfolio

3rd Place Winner - Adam Nilsson
Prize $25

Full eportfolio: http://adamnilsson.weebly.com

Adam Nilsson eportfolio

3rd Place Winner - Samantha Rosario
Prize: $25

Full eportfolio: samantharosario.wordpress.com

Samantha Rosario eportfolio

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