Feb 27, 2014

Wentworth Students at Chicago Booth Event 2014

On Thursday, February 27th, Prof. Cindy P. Stevens, Prof. Rick Trilling and Adjunct Professor Santiago Umaschi, along with nine Wentworth students, attended the Chicago Booth CEO Panel and Networking Event held at the prestigious Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA. As a graduate of the Chicago Booth Management program Mr. Umaschi generously sponsored three WIT students based on a class mini competition via the 2014 Santiago Booth Event Scholarship. This event allowed our Wentworth students the opportunity to network with other students, professionals, and CEOs. The three panelists at this event were Paul Scanlon, Christine Schuster and Lonnie Moulder, all of whom have made an impact in the business environment in the Boston area. Mr. Scanlon has been working at Putnam Investments since 1999 and is currently Co-Head of Fixed Investments at Putnam. Ms. Schuster is the CEO and President of Emerson Health Systems and has been since 2005. Mr. Moulder is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tesaro which was founded in 2010. These panelists along with their current executive experience bring many years of prior experience in executive positions. Listening and learning from these individuals provided knowledge and insight that will benefit all of the students that attended.


Below are comments from some of the students that attended the event and heard from these speakers.

James Therien

The opportunity to attend the Chicago Booth networking event was a privilege, and it was greatly appreciated to be a part of discussion with industry professionals. One of the most fascinating aspects of the event was the diverse nature of the business professionals in regards to their specific industries. The insight to the health care industry was what grabbed me, due in part, because of the way it was explained. With the industry growing at an unprecedented rate, it was nice to get an inside opinion. In the future I'd like to attend more networking events, it'd be nice to get more insight into what the future holds for business.

GroupPicture Victoria Gordon

I was so happy to be a part of Wentworth going to the University of Chicago Alumni All Star Panel event. It was a great opportunity to meet practicing professionals in the business world and connect with people in Boston outside of Wentworth. I loved that it was off campus; it was a chance to represent the school and also a chance to feel a little less like a student. I wish I was able to go last year!

Charlie McCubrey

I found the All Star panel event to be particularly interesting with all the diversity in their alumni, while they all went to the same grad school, they all had diverse personalities and careers. In particular, I found Mr. Moulder's speech to be quite fascinating. Having worked at a bio pharmaceutical company for one of my coops, I appreciated not only how fascinating his work was, but also how realistic and honest his answers were in during the questions portion.

GroupPicture Paige Mochi

Going to the networking event gave me insight on some of the amazing things the alumni have done. I enjoyed hearing about the panels different professions and it inspired me for my career after graduation.

Bradley Simonsen

The Chicago Booth Networking Event was a very unique and interesting experience to be involved with as a Management student. The most interesting aspect to the event was the exposure to individuals in the healthcare sector. It helped me gain an understanding of business sectors not previously familiar to me in my undergraduate education.

Austin Bernaiche

It was a great experience for me to start networking and how to behave in a professional setting. I enjoyed the different perspectives of all the speakers and all their insight.

Martin Sterab

Chicago booth was a nice change from networking events on campus. Getting the opportunity to speak to MBA graduates who are passionate about their field. Even though I didn't understand everything they said, the part that I understood was very interesting and informative.


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