Aug 01, 2013

Business Management Students Tour Sam Adams Brewery

Business Management students at Wentworth had a unique opportunity to tour Sam Adams Brewery in Boston during the Summer 2013 semester. Prof. Joe Schellings and Prof. Cindy Stevens arranged a guided, private tour of the facility with a group of upper management from SAM Adams. Our guides took us on a tour of the facility and also spent an hour and half discussing operations, marketing, facility management, and future goals. Even though the tour is open to the public, it was the private discussion time with upper management and our students that provided a very unique learning opportunity.  The students truly enjoyed this learning experience!

“The Samuel Adams’ brewery tour provided us with a great look into the world of operations management. I had been on the general tour once before so I knew what to expect from that, but it was the meeting with the executives that was the real eye opener. Getting a firsthand description of how a brewery is run and hearing about all the care that goes into the taste/quality of their beer made me feel a little more prepared for what lies ahead.” (Alex Clark, BSM Student)

“The trip to the Samuel Adams brewery was extremely helpful in giving me a better idea of the challenges in operations for a company as large Sam Adams. Their product planning, scheduling, forecasting, and sales teams are all integral to keeping Sam Adams running smoothly.” (Lorenzo Fernandez-Kopec, BSM Student)

“The Sam Adams Brewery tour was an exciting way for our class to see inside operations of a working company.” (Marcus Moran, BSM Student)

“Not only did I fully enjoy the tour and experience that was provided but how everything was broken down and the management side of things. The tour was very informative but being able to talk to management about the brewery itself, the retail side of things and most importantly operations.” (Molly Newcomb, BSM Student)

“As we began our tour through the Samuel Adams Brewery I couldn’t help but think about the challenges involved with manufacturing and distributing large quantities of beer. Not only does the beer need to be created and processed in huge vessels but it also needs to be stored on site for approximately six weeks. This creates tremendous challenges in facility management, inventory management, and location strategy decisions.” (Joe Rosinski, BSM Student)

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