Aug 01, 2013

Management Students Attend 2013 AAEEBL Conference

AAEEBL Conference Presentation "This is the fourth year that I was able to attend the AAEEBL ePortfolio Conference in Boston, MA. Again, this year two of my students from Wentworth InstituteAAEEBL Conference Presentation of Technology’s (WIT) Management department joined me. Both students provided personal insight on eportfolio development and how they plan to utilize their eportfolios for the future. Many attendees were happy to discuss eportfolios with my two students. My students also joined me at the presentation table and answered many questions about their experience and insight of eportfolio development. Faith Gagliardi and Jackson Spivey won grants that paid for their conference registration for the day. The Office of Student Leadership at WIT funds student projects such as this if the student can show the need and how it can be a benefit to attend. Below are these two students reflections on attending the conference with me for the day."

AAEEBL Conference Presentation Faith Gagliardi AAEEBL Conference Reflection

"Participating in the AAEEBL Annual ePortfolio Conference this year was an entirely new experience for me. Even though I had made my own eportfolio earlier this year, I was stunned by all the new information that I learned. Many of the presentations displayed student eportfolios. Getting to look at other examples opened up my eyes to the many possibilities of an online portfolio. I was especially interested in hearing about the diversity of uses students have found for their eportfolios. Attending the sessions gave me an opportunity to expand my understanding of this tool from two-dimensional to more three-dimensional. I started to make connections between all of the different extracurricular experiences and how that applies to the work place. One of the most valuable parts from the day was speaking to attendees about my experiences and outlook on eportfolios. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to engage in a deep conversation about the future of eportfolios and better understand how I can use mine to my advantage.”

AAEEBL Conference PresentationJackson Spivey AAEEBL Conference Reflection

"Attending and participating in the 2013 AAEEBL Conference at Hynes Convention Center provided me with a truly unique academic and professional perspective relating to the world of eportfolios. After creating and updating my personal eportfolio after the past few years, it was interesting to see various perspectives from academic and professional institutions from around the globe. I was surprised to see that many of the problems that face our students and faculty when creating our portfolios are not unique to Wentworth. Addressing the issues of integration, participation, and evaluation are hot topics in the world of eportfolios, and must continually be addressed for the practice to move forward. Additionally, this was my first opportunity to speak and present at a conference. After countless presentations in front of faculty and peers throughout my time at Wentworth, I felt that my presentation skills were well honed and I was prepared for a conference exhibition. However, speaking and answering questions in front of a crowd of unknown individuals proved to be completely different from my experiences in the classroom. The experience was incredibly valuable, and something that will be beneficial as I transition from a Business Management senior to a working professional. “

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