Computer Information Systems – Student Spotlight

Joshua Ramirez

Concentration:  Software Development

Minor:  Business (Entrepreneurship)

Program:  Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Campus Leadership:  President of the Wentworth Improvisational Theatre Club and the Station Director of Wentworth Internet Radio + Entertainment

When I first came to Wentworth, I was majoring in Computer Science, with the intent of pursuing a career as a software developer.  However, I was excited to learn about Wentworth’s newest degree program in Computer Information Systems (CIS), and transferred into the CIS program as soon as I had the opportunity.

I chose to transfer to CIS because of the practicality and utility of the degree. I will still graduate with the education and experience that will enable me to be a proficient programmer, particularly since I can choose a concentration of software development within my major. But I will also leave Wentworth with a deeper knowledge and understanding of business and the corporate environment, which will allow for me to implement my acquired skill set into my professional career with efficiency and effectiveness.

The CIS program is a collaborative effort between the Department of Business Management and the Department of Computer Science. Because of this duality of education, alongside my two co-ops and accreditations for both the computer science and business programs, I will have huge advantages in the job market upon graduation. With this, I feel empowered and capable of determining my own career path, whether I am contracted by companies to design and implement digital solutions, lead a software team in developing applications, or act as the critical bridge between programmers and executives within a corporation. Aided with my business minor in entrepreneurship, I can even choose to start my own company.

Ultimately, I hope to be able to utilize my education and work experience in the health sector to revolutionize healthcare, through the implementation of vertically integrated software and hardware solutions that allow practitioners to provide personalized and focused care, creating better outcomes and a higher quality of life for patients.


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