Google Event

By Joshua Ramirez

Google at WentworthOn Tuesday, March 5th, Google engineers and representatives descended upon WIT's campus to give a presentation outlining a two-year residency program that Google is actively accepting applications for.

This initiative - the Internal Technology Residency Program, or ITRP - welcomes recent graduates from a wide range of programs and degrees, and is intended to provide training and experience in front-line support, buttressed with a three-month stint performing work in a global office, and a second three-month period performing tasks within a specialized IT team.

Google 2

During this 26-month period, residents are given a competitive salary and are provided with free courses in a variety of topics in order to ensure competency and high-caliber performance during their employment. Upon completing the program, residents can choose to find a team within Google to transition into for full-time employment, or they can simply take their experience and use it to stand out in the technological job market. And, of course, Google has a variety of other opportunities available to students beyond the ITRP program, including a variety of internships and other job opportunities, all of which can be found at

Google 3Immediately following the presentation, Google's own engineers proceeded to give out laptops and challenge attendees to resolve common issues that had been purposely planted on each of the computers, across a variety of operating systems. Students formed into teams and worked to troubleshoot and fix the problems in a fast-paced "FixIt" exercise, that tried to separate the more knowledgeable and best-of-breed technologists from the rest of the group. 

The event concluded with a tallying of scores for each group, and the giveaway of a variety of Google swag, including always-handy cigarette lighter chargers for your "hopefully Android-powered" devices!

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