Master of Architecture (One-Year Program)

The one-year Master of Architecture degree curriculum provides an intensely focused program of study for students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Wentworth. First-semester coursework includes a special topics studio, a seminar on research methods, and a class focused on thesis preparation. These classes are designed to prepare each student for the final semester's thesis studio and advanced topics seminar. The program offers each student the opportunity to fully develop and defend original research in the form of a design thesis. This degree is an essential credential for those who aspire to professional registration and licensure as architects.


Fourth-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture students at Wentworth who wish to continue their studies are required to submit an application for the one-year Master of Architecture degree program. Acceptance to this program is based on a portfolio evaluation by department faculty, departmental GPA (architecture courses), overall GPA, a statement of objectives, and references. The minimum GPA for admission to the program is a 3.0, or permission of the Department Head. Students graduating from Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture program who achieve a minimum departmental GPA of 3.2 (non-elective ARCH courses from first through third years only) will automatically be accepted into the Master of Architecture program for the following year. These students need only submit an application form and official transcript(s). Automatic acceptance applies only to applicants currently enrolled in Wentworth’s Bachelor of Science in Architecture program and may not be deferred.

Application Requirements

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Fall Semester Course Credits
ARCH9000 Studio 09: Special Topics 6
ARCH9200 Thesis Preparation 01 4
ARCH9300 Thesis Preparation 02 4
ELECTIVE Architecture Elective 4
Total 18

Spring Semester Course Credits
ARCH9500 Studio 10: Thesis 6
ARCH9600 Professional Perspectives 4
ARCH9700 Advanced Topics 4
ELECTIVE General Elective 4
Total 18

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