Challenge Exam Overview

If a student thinks that he or she has sufficient knowledge to skip certain math courses, the student may do so by passing an exam.  Challenge Exams are only offered for the following two math courses:

  • Math 205 College Math I
  • Math 250 Precalculus

Earning course credit through a Challenge Exam is equivalent to passing a cumulative final exam.  A student will receive 4 credits for a course by scoring an 80% or higher on a Challenge Exam (without being required to actually take the course).   The course will be treated like a transfer course with credit but no grade and will not affect your GPA.

Challenge Exams cannot:

  • be retaken;
  • be taken for current courses;
  • be taken for courses previously taken at Wentworth;
  • be taken for credit if a student has already completed a course that is at a higher level than Math 250.

Challenge Exams are optional and only open to students whose major requires these courses.

How to Prepare for a Challenge Exam

To prepare for an exam, see the study guides below:

The Department of Applied Mathematics offers these exams in January, June and September. 

Dates for MATH205 and MATH250 Challenge Exams:

  1. Pick a date and time by appointment, please contact Amanda Hattaway at

How to Register for a Challenge Exam

To register for an exam students must:

  • Complete this registration form at least 1 week (5 business days) before the exam date.  Please use your LConnect username and password when prompted.
  • Pay a non-refundable administrative fee of $100.00 prior to taking the exam.  After you submit your online registration form, a screen will appear with instructions.

What Students Must Bring to the Exam

On the day of the exam, each student must bring:

  • a picture ID
  • a pencil
  • a scientific, non-graphing calculator (for the Math 205 Exam) or a TI-83+ or less powerful graphing calculator (for the Math 250 Exam)

Each exam is two hours long.


Contact Professor Amanda Hattaway, Department Chair of Applied Mathematics (

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