Fall 2014 Applied Math Career Lecture Series

Tuesdays in Beatty Hall Room 418.  These events are open to the whole campus community!

What:  Speakers will talk about what they do, how they got there, how they use mathematics in their professions, give advice, and answer questions.  All students, faculty, staff, and guests are invited.

Questions: Please contact John Haga at hagaj@wit.edu if you have questions or concerns.

Monday, 9/15 at 4pm

Applied Math & the Military
Timothy S. Kroecker and Ulysses Lee
Air Force Research Labs

9/16 at 4pm

How Do You Prepare For and Apply to Graduate School?
John Haga and Mark Mixer

9/23 at 4pm

Applying Mathematics to Advance Transportation Innovation
Anne Gates
Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

9/30 at 4pm

Applying Mathematics to Analyze and Model Risk
Alex Baldenko

10/7 at 4pm

Applying Mathematics in the Analysis of Supply Chains
Joe Selle

10/14 at 4pm

Applying Mathematics in the Development of Autdio Implants
Brian Bishop
UConn Health Center

10/21 at 4pm

Choosing the Right Graduate Program and Polishing Your Application Materials
John Haga and Mark Mixer

10/28 at 4pm

Applied Math Networking Event
Beatty Multipurpose Room (in the back of Beatty Cafe)

11/4 at 4pm

Applying Mathematics in Urban Development
Russ Lopez and Liz Williams

11/18 at 4pm

What is a Data and Strategy Consultant?
Shefali Rajpal Frampton
Digitally Sharp LLC

12/2 at 4pm

What is a Consulting Engineer?
William Kelleher
Draper Labs

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